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25-02-05, 06:45
Looking for info on the town or parish of Öja. I think my great -grand mother was born there. Her name I have as Sana Mattson
in May of 1872. Is anyone familiar with this area. Any info would be appreciated.
Thanks Flicka

25-02-05, 10:19
Öja is located some miles outside Kokkola

check this link:


25-02-05, 15:14
On this link is a map where you can see where Öja is, it is
between the towns of Kokkola and Pietarsaari.
Of course there is many places named Öja, but
all the others seem to be located in Sweden.
Tried to find some more sites about Öja, but with
no success.

this I found:


cheers, Derrick

25-02-05, 21:52
Try this link:


Set Alue to ÖJA and Teema to ILMAKUVA



June Pelo
26-02-05, 21:58
You can also find Öja here - to the west of Kokkola/Karleby:

Are you looking for the place where Öja is, or are you looking for information about your great grandmother? I have many relatives from Öja, but none named Sana Mattson, b. 1872.


28-02-05, 06:03
Hi June :
I had a document that gave the name Öja for my g-grandmother I since found the place in Finland. But another piece of paper I have says she was born in Evijarvi approxamently 5/13/1872. But can not find her.If you would have access to any site that could find her I'd appreciate it. Shes the missing link to another side of my family tree I have left. And it certainly is getting hard to find the info on her. Thanks ever so much

28-02-05, 06:08
Hi June I forgot to send the name she also went by it was
Sanna Sironen

June Pelo
28-02-05, 21:26

I checked Evijärvi birth records and there were 150 births for Sironen, up to 1850. The records didn't go beyond that so I couldn't find a Sanna born in 1872. You probably would have to write to the parish office to get information on her birth in 1872. She could be listed as Sanna/Susanna or Alexandra Mattsdotter.


01-03-05, 08:14
Hi June
Your of great help. Would you happen to know the address for the parish office. Thanks

01-03-05, 10:37
Evijärven seurakunta
PL 18
62501 Evijärvi


Jaska Sarell
01-03-05, 15:43
I asked an Evijärvi expert about a possible Sanna.
Indeed there was Sanna Maria Matintytär (Mattsdotter) Sironen, born 13 May 1872.
She and Herman, both single according to Evijärvi church records, emigrated to America in 1891.
Sanna Maria was a daughter of Matti Antinpoika Sironen (9 Feb 1837 - 21 Feb 1895) and Maria Erkintytär Kuivasniemi (22 Oct 1836 - 29 May 1892). Her ancestors match Herman's at Kuivasniemi four generations back, making them 3rd cousins.

Probably they traveled on the same ship and planned a common future :p
This matches pretty well except for the Öja reference.

:) Jaska

01-03-05, 16:50
Hi Jaska

I knew she was out there somewhere. Is it possible to find the
lineage for her or is it like you said all the same relations. For me to make up a ancestral chart how would I do it? I'm a little
confused. I'm truely glad about this I did"nt want to leave this lineage blank on the family tree for my nephews wedding
present . Thanks again Let me know what you think about the lineage from Sanna.

Jaska Sarell
01-03-05, 20:45
Attaching an ancestral chart in PDF format as I got it.

:) Jaska

02-03-05, 01:28
Hi Jaska
Thanks so much, you'll never know how happy you've made alot of people. My parents died at 50 years of age. Now thats how old I am . And being single without children its my chance to leave something behind for the 6 nephews who never got to personally experince being around grandparents. They all think its
great and send their thanks.