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27-02-05, 23:06

I am looking for information on my grandfather's brother, Alfred Soderblom who immigrated to USA in 1911.
He was born in Sarkimo, Maxmo, Finland on 21/02/1892.
According to family correspondence he lived in Pelican Rapids, Minn in 1967.
I would like to find his descendents if any.


28-02-05, 01:18
I will search Swenson church film of the Pelican Rapids Lutheran church.

Do you have any knowledge of where he went when he first came to USA?

I don't find this guy at Ellis Island.

28-02-05, 19:59
Hi Granskare

I don't know where Alfred landed in the US. I know there are other relatives (his nephews Anders (Andy) Soderblom and Carl Soderblom. Anders immigrated to Houghton Michigan in 1921 and Carl immigrated to Stambaugh, Michigan in 1916. Perhaps Alfred was there too at one time.
I believe he was called "Pete" as well.

I am also looking for info on my cousin, David, (Ander's Son) who lives in Michigan. His father, Anders(Andy was a councilman and volunteer fireman in Houghton and retired from Michigan Bell Telephone Co.. He passed away in 1967, leaving wife, Laina and son DAVID, daughter in-law Ann Haser and two grandaughters, Denise and Deborah. My mother corresponded with this family, but after mom's death in 1988 I have lost contact. I would like to be able to correspond with David. Any idea where to search?
Thanks for your help.

Karen Norwillo
28-02-05, 23:31
Dororthy, I found Carl Soderblom on both the 1920 and 1930 census. 1920 in Stambaugh, Iron, MI, Soderblom, Carl, boarder, 24, single, Finland, 1916, miner, iron mines. He was living in the home of Herman and Matilda Holms.
1930 in Stambaugh, Iron, MI, on 2nd St.
Soderblom, Carl, head, 34, married at 24, Finland, 1916, miner, iron mines
Soderblom, Emily, wife, 30, married 20, MI, parents Sweden,
Soderblom, Carl, son, 8, MI
Soderblom, Vernon, son, 6, MI
Soderblom, Ralph, son, 3 11/12, MI
Soderblom, Signe, daughter, 3/12, MI
I couldn't find Alfred. I searched under Pete and Fred. I couldn't find Anders either. I tried Andrew also, but no matches.
Hope this helps. I also sent you a private message. Karen N.

01-03-05, 08:30
Thank you Karen!
I am also related to the Söderbloms.

01-03-05, 10:37
Hi Dorothy & Torbjörn,
Don't know whether these names are any help to either of you but they were found on Heritage Quest cd Scandinavians in the Us 1910 Federal Census.Birthplace for all is Finland.
Surname,GivenName,Age,Sex,Race,County,Locality,T62 4-Roll,Part,Page,Subpage,State


01-03-05, 17:00
I´m not sure about the rest, but Andrew is our man. He died in 1966 in Snohomish, WA.
Thank you!
Need to start looking for his family, if there was any.

01-03-05, 20:45
I checked Pelican MN S245 Swenson code and found nothing.
Also checked into Hancock, Calumet, and Dollar Bay MI member lists and found nothing. No Swedish church was in Houghton.
Then I went to Everett WA and checked the lutheran church and covenant church and found nobody


Karen Norwillo
01-03-05, 23:21
Hej Torbjörn, I found a wealth of info on Andrew Soderblom for you.
1910 Census, Three Lakes precint, Snohomish, WA
Soderblom, Andrew, age 31. Unfortunately, something was wrong today and I couldn't view the actual page. I'll check it again later.
1930 census, Welangdon township, Snohomish, WA
Soderblom, Andrew, head, 51, married at 30, Finland, Finnish, 1901, naturalized, farmer
Soderblom, Hannah, wife, 46, married at 26, Sweden, Swedish, 1901
Soderblom, Elvera, daughter, 19, single, WA
Soderblom, Albert, son, 17, single, WA
Soderblom, Einar, son, 15, single, WA
Soderblom, Agneta, daughter, 13, single, WA
Soderblom, Frank, son, 8, single, WA
Washington State Birth Index 1910-1919 lists
Unnamed Soderblom, born 12 Sep 1910, female, parents-Andrew Soderblom and Hannah Pearson, born Everett, WA
Ejnar Soderblom, born 21 Nov 1914, male, same parents, except they have mother's name spelled Hanna Pierson.
SSDI shows Albert Soderblom, born 5 Aug 1912, died Nov 1977, Everett, Snohomish, WA
Also found an Andrew A Soderblom who died in Everett on 22 Nov 1977 at 65. Probably Albert. Maybe Albert is his middle name.
Also, from the obituary collection, The Herald, Everett,WA, I found Einar Carl Soderblom, 21 Nov 1914-4 Nov 2004. Lots of other names mentioned. Allen, Mary, Albert, Andrew, Larry, Sharon, Anne, Elizabeth, Hannah, Nancy, Arlene, Keith, Kay, Frank(Erma) Sherene, Agneta Ferdon, Janet, Lorene, Sue and Elvera. I'll mail you a copy of the obit. I tried scanning it, but you could't read it. I printed it and it's clear. I found it online at Heraldnet. They have obits archived back to 2001.

02-03-05, 02:27
Thanks Chuck for your help. disappointed that we can't find Alfred.

Thanks Karen for info both on this site and on my personal email.

Andrew Soderblom in Snohomish was my dad's uncle which we visited often . Through his daughters, Elvira' search for Andrew's brrother, Alfred, she found a nephew by the same name in Vancouver. B. C. instead. I am in contact with Elvira's daughter, Kay and have requested her family geneology. Todate I have received none , which is very disappointing.
I will follow it up and send it to you if I get it.
For some reason the Alfred Soderblom that immigrated in 1911 is still missing.

02-03-05, 05:51
Not as good as viewing the actual image but better than just the
index for the 1910 census is the WA Sec State Historic Records site which can also be searched for naturalizations.

Last Name Soderblom
First Name Andrew
Middle Name
Age 31
Birthplace Finland
County Snohomish
Page Number 156A
Line Number 6
Township Three Lakes
Enumeration District 312

Last Name Soderblom
First Name Hannah
Middle Name
Age 26
Birthplace Sweden
County Snohomish
Page Number 156A
Line Number 7
Township Three Lakes
Enumeration District 312


02-03-05, 07:40
Hej alla!
This is getting really interesting!
With so many sleuths helping!
Thank you Chuck, Dorothy, Jeanette, Karen!
(alphabetically;) )
Emagine, I have been to WA at least 15 times not stopping at Everett!

Karen Norwillo
02-03-05, 16:08
Torbjörn, The obits are in the mail. I found 3 of the Soderblom family. There's a nice photo of Einar on his and much info about him. Karen

22-03-05, 06:46
Hi Karen,

Have been away from this search for a few weeks.

When I put in Alfred Soderblom's name in Ancestry 's search, it came up with an Alfred Soderblom born in Flanders ( could be a mistake for Finland) no other info. The information was from Immigration - Atlantic Ports 1893-1945. It also said there were 6 matches in US Census. Because I donot have a membership I was unable to access any info. Alfred immigrated in 1911.
Could you or someone else who has a membership check this out for me?
There was also a Fred Soderblom on the 1920 Census in Genesee, Michigan. This Fred was born about 1899. My Alfred was born 1892. But worth checking too.

Thanks everyone,

22-03-05, 20:55
Originally posted by Dorothy
There was also a Fred Soderblom on the 1920 Census in Genesee, Michigan. This Fred was born about 1899. My Alfred was born 1892. But worth checking too.

This Fred was born 1898 in Michigan with Swedish parents.

Here is what's listed for Fred Soderblom for 1930:
Fred Soderblom Adena Soderblom Seattle, King, WA abt 1883 Sweden Head
Adena Soderblom Fred Soderblom Seattle, King, WA abt 1884 Wife

When I searched Alfred Soderblom on Ancestry, I don't get 6 results so I'm not sure what parameters you had set when you did your search.

22-03-05, 20:57
This showed up in a search on Alfred Soderblom on Ancestry:

Minnesota Death Index, 1908-2002 has 1 match for:
Alfred Soderblom in United States

Personal Information
Death Date: 07/20/1919 00:00:00
Death Place: SAINT LOUIS
State File Number: 025905

22-03-05, 21:17
Here is a listing of all the Fred's in the US 1920 census born in Finland in 1892:
Kosunen, Fred Berkeley, Alameda, California 1892 Finland White
Frederickson, Fred Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California 1892 Finland White
Petsch, Fred Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California 1892 Finland White
Lagas, Fred San Francisco, San Francisco, California 1892 Finland White
Anderson, Fred Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas 1892 Finland;Russia White
Niemi, Fred Ironwood, Gogebic, Michigan 1892 Finland White
Carloss, Fred Hancock, Houghton, Michigan 1892 Finland White
Kruss, Fred Eveleth, St Louis, Minnesota 1892 Finland White
Timonen, Fred White, St Louis, Minnesota 1892 Finland White
Pold, Fred Manhattan, New York, New York 1892 Finland White
Pold, Fred Port of New York, New York, New York 1892 Finland White
Frederickson, Fred Queens, Queens, New York 1892 Finland White
Sundquist, Fred Westport, Clatsop, Oregon 1892 Finland White
Hill, Fred Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, Washington 1892 Finland White
Berg, Fred Cedar Falls, King, Washington 1892 Finland White
Frederickson, Fred Olympia, Thurston, Washington 1892 Finland White
Joshona, Fred Oma, Iron, Wisconsin 1892 Finland White

And here's a list of all the Alfred's born 1892 Finland in the 1920 census:
Longholm, Alfred Bucksport, Humboldt, California 1892 Finland White
Loughlin, Alfred Eureka, Humboldt, California 1892 Finland White
Walinen, Alfred Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts 1892 Finland White
Waleinus, Alfred Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts 1892 Finland White
Markkla, Alfred Templeton, Worcester, Massachusetts 1892 Finland White
Anderson, Alfred Bessemer, Gogebic, Michigan 1892 Finland White
Norka, Alfred Hancock, Houghton, Michigan 1892 Finland White
Soniat, Alfred Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan 1892 Finland White
Wickstrom, Alfred Cloquet, Carlton, Minnesota 1892 Finland White
Snickua, Alfred Duluth, St Louis, Minnesota 1892 Finland White
Lindberg, Alfred Brooklyn, Kings, New York 1892 Finland White
Skeicer, Alfred Portland, Multnomah, Oregon 1892 Finland White
Lind, Alfred Noyes, Clinton, Pennsylvania 1892 Finland White
Hjort, Alfred Jay, Elk, Pennsylvania 1892 Finland White
Johnson, Alfred Precinct 10, Salt Lake, Utah 1892 Finland White

If any of these look promising, let me know and I'll look at the details. Nothing seemed obvious to me.

And just for good measure, here's the Soderblo* search from 1920 census:
Soderbloom, Gust Daly, San Mateo, California 1869 Finland White
Soderblom, Carl Stambaugh, Iron, Michigan 1895 Finland White
Soderblom, John Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota 1884 Finland White
Soderblom, Alice Bronx, Bronx, New York 1899 Finland White
Soderblam, Frieda Manhattan, New York, New York 1895 Finland White

Could Soderblom have been anglicized like some of the other Finnish names?

Karen Norwillo
22-03-05, 23:19
Torbjörn, The Alfred Söderblom on that emigration is indeed from Finland, not Flanders. I took a look at it on Ancestry and it clearly says Alfred Soderblom, age 19, single, laborer, from Malmo, Finland, destination Everett, WA. Arrived 14 Apr 1911 in Portland, Maine. Now that's unusual. I checked the census years for you, 1920 and 1930, no Alfreds, Freds or Als that match. The two close ones were 1920, Ferdinand S Soderblom in Everett, but he was born abt 1883 and from Sweden. I believe the same man is found 1930 in Seattle as Fred, now 47, married at 41, date of immigration on both is 1909 and again, this one from Sweden. This Fred's wife is Adena.

23-03-05, 00:46
Thanks Kevin for all your help,nothing seems tobe my Alfred.

Thanks to Karen too.
This Alfred Soderblom is defenitely my relative. It does make sense his destination was Everett, because that is where his brother Andrew had settled. I don't believe he ever got there though as that family was searching for him in the l950's.

When Kevin mentioned did Alfred change his last name I remembered a picture I had seen that had a name on it I didn't recognize.

The picture was of PETE OLSON taken in 1967. He was with some members of the Soderblom family from Houghton, Michigan. There is a note on it saying " Uncle Pete was in good spirits and like all the Soderbloms loved a good joke" THIS HAS TOBE The ALFRED SODERBLOM and would explain why the trail went cold.
He sure looks like his brother, Simon, my grandfather.
So the mystery seems tobe solved. Now to find Pete Olson.I know he resided in Pelican Rapids, Minn in 1967and would have been 75years old.

Could you check him out on the Census etc. Perhaps he died in Pelican Rapids. Would be nice to know if there are any descendents.



Karen Norwillo
23-03-05, 18:20
Dorothy, The strangeness I was referring to was the fact he landed in Portland, Maine and was headed to Washington. Seems like an unusual port for that destination. But then as they say,"any port in a storm." Karen

23-03-05, 18:38
With your new information, I located a Pete Olson in the 1920 census. Image is attached. This was found in Richland County, Walcott Township, North Dakota. I did some checking, being unfamiliar with this county as well as Pelican Rapids.

Richland County is on the southeast corner of North Dakota lying on the Minnesota border. Walcott Township is in the northern boundaries of the county. Pelican Rapids is in Otter Tail County, MN which is in the far northwest corner of Minnesota, very near to North Dakota. It's very likely this Peter is the one you seek.

His immigration year is 1911!

23-03-05, 21:23
Eureka!!! Thanks Kevin, It is the right man. His age matches as well. Would be interesting to know why he changed his name and destination eh? Karen

Now that we have found Peter Olson( Alfred Soderblom) what is the best way of finding out about possible descendents?

You both have been wonderful, Can't believe how Kevin could come up with all the Freds and Alfreds that were born in Finland in 1892 and immigrated to the USA. Couldn't believe the number of them either.

It sure pays to keep old family pictures and letters, I wouldn't have had a clue to look for a Peter Olson.

24-03-05, 00:31
Looks like I found Peter Olson's death record:
Date of Birth: 02/21/1892
Place of Birth: OUT OF STATE
Mother Maiden Name: UNKNOWN

certid# 1971-MN-006658

Date of Death: 03/09/1971
County of Death: OTTER TAIL

from the following site: http://people.mnhs.org/dci/
You can order the certificate. It will probably contain some good information.

Also, have you checked http://www.ironrangeresearchcenter.org/ ? I did a search and found a couple of possibilities in Otter Tail County for a Peter A(lfred) Olson and a Peter F(red) Olson for Naturalization Records and Alien Registration records. It might be worth contacting them to see if either of these is you guy.