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28-02-05, 06:19
Can some translate this for me

If the words aren't right when approx what do they mean the writting is kind of faded so it hard to figure what some letters are


28-02-05, 12:24
ruhtime is unclear I can't make anythin from it. I t could be of help if you coud write a whole sentence with the word.
viideksi = for five
vuodeksi = for a year (viideksi vuodeksi = for five years.)
pitäjästä = from the parish


28-02-05, 18:54
Hi Sune
My scanner is broke on computer right now so as soon as I get
it fixed I can scan the peice of paper which is written it Finnish
so it will make more sence. There's a date of 27th 1891 but can't make out the letters which say the month. Would you happen to know how the months of the year are written in Finnish maybe I could decifer it that way by comparing the letters in the months.

01-03-05, 08:43
Months of the year in Finnish

January = tammikuu
February = helmikuu
March = maaliskuu
April = huhtikuu
May = toukokuu
June = kesäkuu
July = heinäkuu
August = elokuu
September = syyskuu
October = lokakuu
November = marraskuu
December = joulukuu

According to the Finnish (and Swedish) writing rules the months are written with small initial letters.


02-03-05, 01:35
Hi sune
Thanks for the help. I found the month the g-grandpaents left Finland.