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Karen Mattson
02-03-05, 16:29
Another question concerning the Uusineva surname for you experts: I recieved a note from a distant relative of mine in Ilmajoki Finland who is trying to complete a book on our Uusineva ancestors. My grandmother's brother Isak Uusineva immigrated with my grandmother Aliina in 1901 from Ilmajoki to Ishpeming Michigan. In 1902 he married a Selma Maria Saarenpaa from Ilmajoki, I presume in Ishpeming. He was born on Sept. 21 1877 and she was born on Dec. 5 1880. He died on Aug. 20 1912 in Michigan and she in Michigan on May 9 1961. My relatives and I would like to know more about them if it is possible. It was mentioned in my note that they probably went by the name of Neva in the U.S. as postcards sent back to Finland were signed in this way. Can someone help me as usual? Thanks. Karen Mattson

June Pelo
02-03-05, 20:12
There was a Verner Isaac Neva, b. 5 Feb 1904 in Ontario, d. 4 Apr 1994 in Ontario who married Aili Lyyli Himanka, b. 24 Jan 1910 in Toholampi, d. 31 Dec 1985, Ontario. They had a son Martin Neva, b. 16 Mar 1943 in Ontario. That's all I have on Neva - sorry, I have no address for Martin.


02-03-05, 21:02
24A 35 52-5 2A Niva Annis Boarder M W 31 Finland

Probably not yours but maybe? Neva isn't that usual a name in the UP.


June Pelo
03-03-05, 00:48
Found one Neva here:

Here's a Martin Neva offering to do genealogy lookups in Canada and you can send e-mail:



03-03-05, 09:03
Hi Karen,
A search of the Heritage Quest 1910 census index for Scandinavians found 4 Isaac Neva from Finland. Oddly enough two of them are in Ironwood MI at that time.
This man is roughly your mans age the other was 29 in 1910 and can be found in 8-wd Ironwood on page 190.
Both were born in Finland.

I thought I would post these here although they don't help to determine which is which and whether either is yours.
Ironwood Michigan 1912 Directory
Neva, Isaac---res 110 Oak
Neva, Isaac---miner, res E Sutherland Av

1928 Ironwood, Michigan
Neva, Isaak A married 1125 Margaret St carpenter g/3
Neva, Jenny housework Minneapolis

No Selma Neva on 1928 or later Directories.

On the SSDI Neva can be found in MI in Hancock, Houghton County and Flint, Genesee County and Two Harbours, Lake, MN.
A search of Hancock 1916 Directory didn't locate any there then.

Have you checked the shipping records to see who they went to when they first arrived? Perhaps this person could be found on the 1910 census and be of help locating them.


Karen Norwillo
03-03-05, 18:43
On the 1910 census for Ironwood city, Gogebic, MI on East Oak St is the family of Isac Neva.
Neva, Isac, age 33, married 7 yrs., Finland, Finnish, to US 1903, miner
Neva, Selma M, 29, married 7, 4 children, 3 living, Finland, Finnish, 1903
Neva, Walter J, son, age 6, born MI
Neva, Bertha J, daughter, age 2, MI
Neva, Reino, son, 6/12, MI
So far no luck in 1920 or 1930 censuses. I tried the two male children as their surname shouldn't change. Couldn't find a match on the SSDI either. Could Selma have remarried? Karen N

Karen Mattson
03-03-05, 22:58
Thanks Karen for your valuable information, as I think that's the right family as all the numbers correspond to the info I have. The only one that is not exact is the 1903 immigration year. There might have been a misunderstanding when the census takers came to visit. I really don't much about these relatives so if his wife remarried, I really don't know. Selma died in 1961 and Finnish records say only that she died in Michigan. The other interesting thing about this is that my aunt (my father's sister) moved to Ironwood as a young girl so maybe she moved there because she had relatives living there. It's too bad that I never thought to ask more questions and little information was given to me when they were living. I only information I had was the family name of Ahlvik which was changed to Mattson and the names of my father's brothers and sisters who had preceded him in death. I have had a lot of fun doing research and thanks to all the nice people like all of you, many questions have been answered but I still have many more. Thanks again, Karen Mattson

04-03-05, 00:13
1928 City Directory of Ironwood Michigan
Neva, Isaak A married 1125 Margaret St carpenter g/3
Neva, Jenny housework

Ironwood Michigan 1912 City Directory NOPQ
... Neva, Isaac---res 110 Oak
Neva, Isaac---miner, res E Sutherland Av
Ironwood Michigan 1947 City Directory K Karsch, Albert (Neva) ... 109 E Francis, Daily Globe (1).

source url: http://sitelevel.whatuseek.com/query.go?crid=189fe27c4ae05bec&query=neva&B1=Search

The Gogebic Co website now has a search engine so I just typed in neva and the above came, along with others which I hope I sorted out correctly.


Karen Norwillo
05-03-05, 04:03
I saw the other Isaac Neva also, but he was married to someone named Olga. I could find him in 1920 and 30 census, unfortunately he wasn't the one.

17-03-05, 23:17
Our Neva name is shortened from Heinineva in Kurikka.

Martin Neva