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02-03-05, 16:38
The Finnish pianist Herman Dahlberg (b.1853) died in New York by drowning on July 31, 1890. As far as I know he was in the US on some kind of concert tour, but had left Finland already five years earlier. Can anybody advice me on how to find out more about his stay in hte US and particularly, about the circumstances of his death, of which only the abovementioned is known??

02-03-05, 17:02
Maybe you have already seen this but I did a google search on his name and came up with a site that appears to be old newspaper scans. This site contains a number of references to Herman Dahlberg. Maybe there are some clues there. Do a google search on his name and you'll see a couple of references besides this one:


03-03-05, 07:00
Another site you could try is the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. The site
is searchable from 1841-1902.

It is a little slow loading but usually worth the wait.


08-03-05, 18:16
Thanks, Kevin and Jeanette! I have already done the newspaper search; the clippings are about Herman's concerts in Finland. But I'll check the Brooklyn Daily Eagle - does the N.Y.Times have a similar address? Or any other papers of the time?