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04-03-05, 05:15
I would like to learn the full names of the parents of Greta Sofia Eriksdotter Guss b. 14.8.1841 d. 4.18.1907
When I looked it up on the Genealogical Society of Finland website it said she was christined 15.8.1841 mother was Caisa 29 and father Erik Guss, no age. I'm stuck...

Paivi T
04-03-05, 07:34
Annette, take a look at Greta's parents' wedding record in that same parish. It gives you a bit more information, e.g. Caisa's family name.

Päivi T

Paivi T
04-03-05, 08:03
Sorry for the curtness of the previous reply -- our eight-week-old baby boy decided to want mom's services right there and then. And he accepts no delays :)

I meant to copy Greta's parents' names for you, as given in their wedding record in HisKI:

Bd. Erik Henrik Ersson Guss and
Nämndem.d:r Caisa Er Henr:sd:r Smeds,
wedding date 2 Nov 1855.

Hope this helps you.

Päivi T

Paivi T
04-03-05, 08:18
Darn, I was too hasty -- if your Greta was born in 1841, the Erik & Caisa are not the correct Guss couple, as they didn't marry until 1855. A Hiski search does yield more Erik & Caisa Guss wedding records, including one where Guss was the bride's family name. Not to muddy the waters more, I'll leave it to you to sort out the right couple...

Päivi T

04-03-05, 11:38
From Hiski Data-base:

Kristinestads landsförs - Kristiinankaupungin msrk - döpta

Åren 1841 - 1841
Faderns förnamn: ERIK => Erik, Erik He
Barnets förnamn: GRETA => Margareta
Född Döpt By Gård Far Mor Barn

14.8.1841 15.8.1841 Nämnd:n Erik Guss Caisa 29 Greta Sofia

That meen.
Father Erik Guss
Mother Caisa 29 years old
Greta Sofia b. 14 aug. 1841

Henrik Mangs

04-03-05, 15:17
Hi Annette,
Here are the siblings of Greta Sofia:

2.3.1832 4.3.1832 Bd. Erik Hanss. Guss Caisa 19 Erik Henrik (+)
original: + s.å

22.4.1833 24.4.1833 Bd. Erik Guss Caisa 20 Anna Caisa

19.5.1834 21.5.1834 Bd. Erik Hanss. Guss Caisa 22 Erik Henrik

19.2.1837 23.2.1837 Nämndn. Erik Guss Caisa 24 Carl Johan

29.4.1839 1.5.1839 Nämnd. Eric Guss Caisa 26 Josef Victor

14.7.1840 1840 Nämnd. Erik Guss Caisa 28
original: d.f. flickebarn

14.8.1841 15.8.1841 Nämnd:n Erik Guss Caisa 29 Greta Sofia

11.11.1843 12.11.1843 Nämndem. Erik Guss Caisa 31 Johan Victor

At least one of these records reveals Erik's father's name as Hans.

Then their marriage record:
26.11.1830 Bd.s. Erik Hansson Andtfolk Bd.d:r Caisa Joh. Henr.d:r Guss

original: KUULUTUSPÄIVÄ7/11

Caisa had the family/farm name of Guss. Erik was the son of the farmer Hans Andtfolk. Caisa was the daughter of farmer Henrik Guss.

Caisa should have been born then about 1812/1813. Unfortunately, the christening records for Kristinestads landsförs begins 1821. It could be the records haven't yet been transcribed or maybe Kristinestads landsförs belonged to another parish and the birth records would be found there. But at least this gives you something more to go on.