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05-03-05, 23:36
Hi, I'm looking for the parents of my great grandmother Maria Vilhelmina Buss,
born 11 Oct 1887 in Storkyrko, Finland.

07-03-05, 01:28
I don't know if you had seen this on HisKi or not and I'm not sure that this is the same parish as your Storkyrko is located but thought it was interesting since the christening date matches exactly your listed date of birth. This was listed in the parish of Lammi. Maybe someone from Finland can shed light as to the probability of this record. There was one other record in Ulvila parish but was a few days earlier.

Lammi - christened

Years 10.1887 - 10.1887
Child's first name: MARIA WILHELMINA => Maria, Vilhelmiina
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

5.10.1887 11.10.1887 Ronni Bonden Johan Gustaf Kettula el. Jokela h:ru Wilhelmina Andersd:r 30 Maria Wilhelmina

original - KKSIVU: 703

07-03-05, 08:48
The location "Storkyrko" leads me to think in two directions. The first is if "Storkyrko" actually would be "Storkyro" in the vicinity of Vasa? The family name Buss can be found in the Vasa area.

The other - far fetched - idea would be Storkyrkoförsamlingen in Stockholm, ie the "Storkyrko"- parish.

Any more information about Maria Wilhelmina? Names in conjunction with her? Place names? Spouse?

07-03-05, 12:16
My information comes from the Swedish records from when she immigrated to Njurunda, Västernorrland in 1916. (well, or a bit earlier, the records indicate that she arrived after she had a child in the very same place).

I'm sure it's actually Storkyro (but the records do say "Storkyrko, Finland"). I didn't even notice the difference myself while searching Storkyro in Hiski, so I guess it would not uncommon for a swede to make that mistake. It's definately not Storkyrkoförsamlingen in Stockholm.

She later married Anton Albinus Koivisto (b 14 Jan 1886 in Nakkila) in Sweden . I've found him in Hiski, but Storkyro in not available yet for those years.