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Kaj Granlund
06-03-05, 12:11
The male student choir of the swedish university in Finland Åbo Akademi "Brahe Djäknar" and the female "Florakören" will be visiting USA and Canada. According to the homepages the places are: Boston, New Haven, New York and Toronto 25 Aug - 9 Sept.

homepage of Brahe djäknar http://www.abo.fi/~bd/ and of Florakören http://www.abo.fi/~flora/

07-03-05, 00:56
Hmm, they have chosen the vast wastelands of the USA for a visit and have excluded Finnfest in the very area where billions and billions of Finns called home.

Toronto is OK for Canada of course.



Kaj Granlund
27-03-05, 13:08
There you see you must know the history to understand the present. Maybe students don't understand that there is something else than those parts

Kaj Granlund
01-07-05, 09:40

Two student choirs from Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland, are to visit North America at the end of August. The tour will include Boston, New York, New Haven and Toronto, as well as the Scanfest festival in Edison, NJ. One of the performances will be in the church of the Finnish congregation in New York. The Finnish consulate in Toronto will organise a reception during our visit. The exact tour dates are from August 25 to September 9.

Florakören, a female choir, will perform a repertoire of modern Finnish music for female choir with occasional strong influences of folk music. Brahe Djäknar, their male choir counterpart, has quite a varied repertoire spanning both newly written music and beloved classics from years past.

Both Florakören and Brahe Djäknar have old and distinguished roots. Florakören celebrated its 60th anniversary last year, and Brahe Djäknar will in two years reach the age of 70. Mr Gottfrid Gräsbeck, nowadays a honorary conductor, so far has the record of 35 consecutive years of conducting the choirs. In later years the choirs have been conducted by Mr. Ulf Långbacka (since 1991) and Mr. Heikki Seppänen (during the year 2001). Both Gräsbeck and Långbacka have composed quite a lot of music for the choirs.

Both choirs have of course also released records during the years. Five years ago the Advent concert, very popular and often sold out, was released on CD. Brahe Djäknar released a CD of their own containing quite a daring set of music in 2002, and Florakören will in turn release a new CD this year. The latter will reflect the highly creative and interesting folk music-like repertoire of Florakören during the last years.

In addition to the many performances in Finland the choirs have also toured Scandinavia, Europe and Russia. Brahe Djäknar has visited North America once before, though. The choirs have been good ambassadors of both Finnish

Kaj Granlund
26-07-05, 09:43
I've got emails asking abt CDs here is the link to their CDs: http://www.abo.fi/~bd/skivor.shtml they the blue names under the first 7 pictures are those taking care of selling the CDs or then the link down at the page might used

26-07-05, 13:25

the calendar (http://sfhs.eget.net/wikicalendar.html)