View Full Version : Isak Rodas & Annie Rodas -- any connections?

17-09-03, 07:47
Does anyone have a connection to Isak Rodas or Annie Rodas whose names appear on my grandfather's baptism certificate as witnesses? My grandfather was born May 3, 1903 in Bingham Canyon, Utah, and baptized Johan Erick Holm on May 5, 1903. He was baptized by Pastor Rydberg, and the witnesses are listed as Isak Rodas and Annie Rodas.

My grandfather's parents were Johan Erick Holm and Maria Mattsdotter Nygård Holm, of Vörå. Maria and Johan had three children in Bingham Canyon, and then, Maria returned to Finland with the children, and he died of tuberculosis in the Salt Lake County Infirmary on January 23, 1912 at age 28. My grandfather later returned to the US at age 17, and never returned to Finland. He died in Tacoma, Washington in May of 1974. He had changed his name to John E. Erickson.

I have seen a picture of his mother, Maria's grave on the other Finn genealogy site (she shares the grave site with her sister and brother-in-law, Anna Elisabet and August Martinson, and a sister who never married, Johanna Nygård). On the headstone, her name is shown as Holms rather than Holm.

I am wondering whether the witnesses to the baptism were friends or family members? ...if they were from Finland, and what happened to them? There must be some pictures or more information somewhere! Also, what ever happened to Pastor Rydberg?

Anyone have any info or relativity?

Tacoma, WA