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06-03-05, 12:33
Family Smeds/Pfs in Tlby, Finland looking for descendants of:

Ulrika Sofia Hermansdotter Dahlman, born 1872, married to August Emil Johan Henriksson Holmlund, both immigrated to the U.S. in the beginning of 1900. Their children Emil Leonard, born October 10, 1900 and Georg Valter b. Jan. 3, 1901 in Gardner/Templeton, Mass.

Herman Alfred Hermansson Dahlman b. Sept. 2, 1878, died Nov.25, 1924 in Seattle, Washington. Married in 1903 to Erika Kristina Isaksdotter Ehn, b. Feb.2, 1875. The family immigrated to the U.S. in the beginning of the 1900's. Children: Ralf Ehner Alfred b. May 10, 1903 in Gardner, Mass. and Bertel Valfrid, b. June 19th, 1906, died July 13, 1907.

These families are descendants of Ms. Rosamund Hendrickson of Templeton, Mass., whom we wish to establish contact with, or any of her descendants.

Karen Norwillo
06-03-05, 18:28
On the Emigrant Register, I found, Sofia Holmlund, age 32, married, travelling with Leonard and Walter, ages 4 and 3, going to Gardner, MA. 21 Sep 1904 on SS Polaris, left Liverpool 29 Sep 1904 on SS Cymric. Looks like they used their second names.

Erika Dahlman, age 36, married, travelling with Elmer, age 9 to Gardner, MA. Left Finland 7Aug 1912 on SS Titania, left Liverpool 13 Aug 1912 on SS Arabic.
Found passport Herman Alfred Dahlman, born 1878, married, from Mustasaari, VAA, 3 Dec 1909 to Amerikka, left wife in Finland.
So far no luck on census, but now that I know what names they travelled under, I'll look again. Karen N

07-03-05, 18:07
Here's Emil (August Emil Johan) and Sophia (Ulrika Sofia) in the 1920 census. They were in Templeton, Worcester County, Mass. Immigration year for Emil and Sophia is 1900, naturalized in 1903. Emil and son Emil Leonard worked in a Toy Shop. Children were all born in Massachusetts.

Karen Norwillo
07-03-05, 23:18
Don't know if you have this, but I'll post it just in case. From the Record of Finn deaths in Kings County (WA)
Alfred Dahlman, born Sept 2, 1878 in Finland, died Nov. 25, 1924 in Providence Hospital, Seattle, WA. Cause of death, Peritonitis from ruptured duodenal ulcer. Husband of Erika. Trucker. Father Herman Dahlman, born Finland. Burial Nov. 30 in Pacific Lutheran Cemetery Seattle.

Karen Douglas
09-03-05, 05:09
Hi Folke,
I read your posting with great interest. My parents had some friends by the name of "Dahlman."

Nestor Edwin Dahlman was born in Dollar Bay, Michigan in 1902. His wife, Agnes Hagren Dahlman, was born in 1898 in Ironwood, Michigan.

The thing that caught my attention was the name "Herman." Nestor and Agnes had a daughter named "Hermalyn," which is an unusual name for a young woman here in the U.S. Could this be a connection to the descendants of the "Herman" Dahlman you are looking for? (They also had a son named James Edwin.)

Karen Douglas

09-03-05, 10:25
Hi Folke,
Unsure whether this will be helpful but I noticed that the next person down the manifest from Sofia, Leonard and Walter aboard the Cymric in Sep 1904 was August Dahlman age 19 going to brother Alfred Dahlman Gardner, Mass.
Also although Sofia is listed as Holmlund it says going to husband Emil Henrikson Gardner, Mass which ties with the 1920 census image Kevin posted.
Found on the 1910 census index for Scandinavians in the US


Edit August Dahlmans age added.

20-03-05, 16:30
Hello! I would like to thank everybody that contributed to my thread for their help.

The information was valuable and the names were the relatives I was searching for. We are still hoping to get in contact with any surviving relatives.

August Dahlman age 19 going to see his brother Alfred was never heard from again and supposedly died during his visit in Massachusetts. They had another brother as well, Johannes Verner, b.1887, died in 1919 in Eaetus, Arizona.

Thank you,


20-03-05, 18:14
found at Swenson 231 = Houghton County, Dollar Bay, First Lutheran

22h Edward Henrik Dahlman Johanson Feb 29 1876 Mustasaari Korsholm unk 231
22w Maria Sofia Jan 31 1875 Solf unk 231

If these are your people, I can go to Swenson next week and see about children for this couple. The database is only of Finnish born people and not their American born kids.