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08-03-05, 18:40
A new query:

my granddad's father was going to immigrate to States during between 1905-1918. He first went there by himself and was going to take his former girlfriend with him a little bit later. So he came back and never went back again - died in Finnish civil war.

However, I havent found any evidence that he had been in States - any help to confirm this or otherwise would be appreciated.

August Alexander Ahlberg or Vantanen, born in 12th of March 1889 in Kisko - died March in 1918 near Lavia.


17-03-05, 15:58
Hi Juha,
I tried searching the 1910 US census for Vantanen and Ahlberg (with variations) and couldn't find anything that was even close. :(

17-03-05, 16:35
Thanks anyway,

Now I am putting this story among the legends of family :)


07-04-07, 06:30
Greetings from Australia,

I happened to stumble across this site accidentally today and thought I may be able to assist with the Vantanen side of things. Even though I've lived in Australia for most of my life, I'm in touch with some of my Finnish family. In fact the Vantanen's are very industrious in that we have our own Family Web-site and Family gatherings. Suku Kokoukset. Just google Vantanen, and you'll find it by about the 2nd or 3rd page.

Living over here, (I am following with interest my Family's geneological searches), but obviously having migrated here at age 3 with my parents, am unable to assist with the particular person you are searching for details about.

Good Luck,
Please let me know how you go...


07-04-07, 10:01
Thanks Lisa

I am sorry but this wont help at all. You see, my grandpa's father just took that name. His first surname was Ahlberg.

There is no relation to your family..

but thanks anyway - always nice to hear something from the Down Under