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08-03-05, 23:49
I'm searching for my grandfather's cousins who lived in Fitchburg Mass and Hartford. The problem is that I do know the full names, dates and places of birth and death, but nothing else: no info about spouses or children.

There may be some their children still alive, and I would contact these relatives if I just knew any names. If someone can find out any information like the names of spouses and even children, I'm very thankful.

Here follows those three cousins. They are siblings:

- Salomon Rintala, b. 12.9.1887 Alavus, d. 17.5.1951 Hartford, Connecticut. From Finland in 1904.

- Sanna Kaisa (Katri) Rintala, b. 25.4.1889 Alavus, d 22.11.1963 Fitchburg Mass, Massachusett. Husband: Wirkkala. From Finland in 1906.

- Kustaa (or Gustaf) Rintala, b. 17.12.1896 Alavus, d. 19.7.1960 Hartford, Connecticut. From Finland in 1923.

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These are the Wirkkalas in the 1930 census for Fitchburg:

Hialner Wirkkala Fitchburg, Worcester, MA b.abt 1891 Finland Head
Lempi Wirkkala Fitchburg, Worcester, MA b.abt 1894 Wife
Willis Wirkkala Fitchburg, Worcester, MA b.abt 1917 Son
Wiljam Wirkkla Fitchburg, Worcester, MA b.abt 1871 Finland Boarder

09-03-05, 08:37
Could this be Salomon in the 1910 census
These are all the

I found a Hilma age 22y travelling with Sili Wirkkala age 6 aboard
the Arabic sailed from Liverpool 0ct 02, arriving NY Oct 11, 1909
returning to husband Oiva Wirkkala at 101 Mechanic Str, Fitchburg

Also Kuusti Rintala age 25 travelled on the Frederick VIII from Copenhagen arriving 06 Aug 1923 going to friend Leimo Wirkkala at 195 Mecanic Str, Fitchburg, MA.

This obituary would appear to be for the Hialner Wirkkala Kevin mentioned in the 1930 list.
Worcester Telegram, Wed., June 3, 1953

Fitchburg, Wed. - The funeral of Hjalmar Wirkkala of 179 High street was held yesterday afternoon in the Sawyer Funeral Home where a service was conducted by Rev. William A. Sumner, pastor of the Finnish Congregational Church. Henry Puranen was the speaker. Burial was in Forest Hill Cemetery where Rev. MR.
Sumner and Mr. Puranen read the committal service. Bearers were Leimo Wirkkala, Eero Langen, Alex Uskela,
Henry Asiala, Hjalmar Johnson and Josua Orava.

Katre Wirkkala age 29 travelling with daughter Oida age 10 (a US citizen) arr NY Jan 26, 1920 aboard the SS Mauretania from Southampton going to join husband at 33 Omena Str, Pittsberg Mass. Mentions 1908,1914 and either 1917 or 1919 for previous
trips. Where? Pitts.

Edited: Spelling Pittsberg

June Pelo
09-03-05, 18:59

I just sent you a private message with the address of someone who has a tremendous Wirkkala database. You could write to her to see if she has any data on the people you are seeking.


09-03-05, 22:40
Hi and thanks for the replies this far! I have got new info from elsewhere.

Katri/Katherine Wirkkala's husband was Leimo Wirkkala, born February 28 1889, d. July 1968. It seems that they have had few kids, but at the moment I know only two: Ada, b. about 1910 and Wellamo, b. about 1928. There has been a one more children born before 1917, but I no info yet about his/her name.

In 1930 the Wirkkala family were in Houghton, Michigan. Some time they got back to Fitchburg as the parents passed away there.


09-03-05, 23:26
Here's Leimo and family in Portage, Houghton County, Michigan in the 1930 census. Immigration year is 1904 for him and 1905 for wife.

I included the family next door, also Wirkkala but first name John. He immigrated much earlier at 1890. This looks like a 2nd wife for him.

09-03-05, 23:28
Probably just a coincidence, since the numbers don't really match up, but I did find in the same township and county as Leimo two Rintalas.

Solomon Rintala, age 40, immigrated 1899. Wife Jennie b.Michigan. 9 children listed.

Gust Rintala, age 63, immigrated 1885. Listed with wife.