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09-03-05, 14:54
I did a lookup in the census for the above person. The women who posted stated that Andrew was born in Sweden but the census states SweFin born Finland.
Andrew Nyberg in 1910 age 61 born about 1858 wife Sophia was age 45 states born Finland.
Anyone have anything on these folks? Missaukee County, Lake Township.

09-03-05, 21:44
We lucked out Alicia!
Swenson film 254 had Cadillac, MI Zion Lutheran plus several smaller places and I found them at Bethel Lutheran in Jennings, MI
Page 100 of baptisms:
Born 14 Okt 1905 is Julia Maria Nyberg whose parents are Andrew & Sofia Nyberg. The baptism was performed at the home of N. Peterson with sponsors being Frans and Olga Tuomisson (sp?)

EDIT: I also found an Alice S. Nyberg, born Dec 17, 1894 in Finland but nothing else about her.

Send me your postal address via email or private message and I will mail the fotocopy to you.