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10-03-05, 15:10

My name is Harry Smeds. I am living in Espoo, at the capital district of Finland. I have been studying my roots for about twenty years. I found newly the Talko-project and left my database there. My native language is Finnish and the texts and parish names are in Finnish (Korppoo, Nauvo, Koivulahti, Mustasaari, Solva).

My father Wilhelm Höglander was born at Korpo, in the southwestern archipelago of Finland. A part of his ancestors came from Nagu and Kökar, in the province of Åland. I have done some studies in Ostrobothnia (Kvevlax, Korsholm, Solf) too looking for the ancestors of my half-brothers. The roots of my mother are in Karelia, in parishes now belonging to Russia.

I am especially interested about members of Höglander (Hoglander) family immigrated to USA. Karl H (1930-1990) and Rudolf H (1905-1989) are my half-brother and uncle. About their families I know what I need to know. Karl Konstantin H (1878-1964) had five children in Freeport Nassau, NY USA: Niles b 1910, Walter b 1913, Dorothy b 1918, Wilbur b 1922, and Elonor b 1928, but about their families I know nothing. About Oskar William H (1877-1946) I do not know if he had any family. From Sweden came people with the family name Höglander too, but I think that they are not our relatives.


Karen Norwillo
10-03-05, 22:37
I found both Karl and Oskar Höglander on the Emigrant Register. Oskar William Höglander, born 1877, single, Korpoo, TUR, merimies (sailor), passport issued 27,Apr 1905, destination Amerikka. Ship's list has him as William H. left Turku to NY SS Urania 29 Apr 1905 SS Columbia 6 May 1905. Ellis Island shows him arriving NY 15 May 1905 SS Columbia out of Glasgow. He was 28, going to a cousin Konrad ?Lundstrom 248 St Charles Ave. Brooklyn. In the WWI Draft Registration in Manhattan, NY is Oscar William Haglander, age 41, born 8 Apr 1877 in Finland, employed by Finnish Steamship CO, living at 5 State St, NY nearest relative Mr and Mrs Haglander in Finland. So far I haven't located him in the census, but if he worked for the steamship co. maybe he was in and out of the country.
Karl Höglander was listed in the passenger list travelling from Turku to NY. Left 20 Apr 1907 on SS Astraea from FI, on SS Furnessia 27 Apr 1907. Welcome, Karen N

Karen Norwillo
11-03-05, 19:03
In further checking, it appears the cousin's name was Konrad Lindstrom and he was from Korpoo also. I found him on a passenger list and NY District Court naturalization list. I am not able to find Oskar with him.

12-03-05, 16:52
Thank You Karen

I knew part of what you told me, but not everything. I have found Karls family in US Census, but not Oskars.

Emigration from Korpo is well documented, there is a book " Korpobor i Amerika ".


12-03-05, 23:44
Hi Harry,
At RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project Global Search is a listing
for a Dorothy Emelia Hoglander b. 12 Mar 1919 in New York.
It gives her marriage date and husbands name and there are two children listed as living.The information was posted by totalfam who only recently updated his/her gedcom information.

Dorothys parents aren't listed and the year of birth is different to the one you posted however in case this information could be
helpful to you I am posting the url


13-03-05, 17:51
Thank you Janette

I myself am not able to use the US Census 1930 and i got the years from an other person. The Census seems to give age in 1930 and an esimated birth year so it seems you foud the right person.

I know a second cousin of the chidren in Perkins/Hoglander family. Carl Höglander (Haglander) left a wife a son to Finland an remarried in USA.