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10-03-05, 20:57
Looking for Maria Järvi, born April 28 in 1861 in Kälviä, Finland. Emigrated to Duluth, MN in April 1887. Lived later in Astoria, OR. Was probably married with a Johansson or Johnson.

Maria had two sons, one of them died during the WW1, probably in France. There is a family legend saying that he was not killed in action but died in Spanish fewer.

This is all we know about Maria (my great grandfather's sister). Hope you can help, I have tried to find Maria and her family for some months now but she seems to have disappeared.


10-03-05, 22:22
Hi Helen,
Could this be Maria ?
JOHNSON, MARY -- Age 64, born in Finland. Died Dec. 12, 1925, Hammond, Ore. Wife of Andrew Johnson. Father: Thom. Marjama (b. Finland). Burial at Ocean View Cemetery.

JOHNSON, ANDREW -- Born 1863 in Finland. Died Oct. 9, 1930, Hammond, Ore. Widower of Mary. Fisherman. Burial at Ocean View Cemetery.

These were found at

Have you tried the Oregon State Archives Historical Records site?


13-03-05, 17:27
Hi Jeannette and everyone else, too,

I wish Mary Johnson from Hammond had been the person I'm looking for, but it seems she is not the right Mary. Her father was Thomas Marjamaa and Mary Järvi's father was Juho (John) Järvi. So I think we have to go on searching...

There is also a Margaret (Mary) Johnson who lived in 1238 Grand, Astoria. According to the 1910 census she was born in Finland, was a widow and had two sons, Felix and Freddie. But she died in February 7th 1913 at the age of 49 yrs. 8 mos. 6 days, so she is not the right person, either.

In Oregon WW1 Death Roll (Clatsop) I found Chris W Johnson from Astoria (has died in influenza) and Wyva W. Johnson from West Port (died in pneumonia). Where and how could I get more information about these two young men? Hopefully one of them might be Maria's son!http://www.rootsweb.com/~orgenweb/armydeathswwi.html

Med vänliga hälsningar, Helen

14-03-05, 04:45
Hi Helen,
It was too much to hope that your Mary and Andrew were the ones I posted because then you would have fitted very nicely into another family we searched for earlier this year.

I found a site which may be able to help you obtain more information re the WW1 data you found.

However I also found at the following site which also mentions other links http://members.aol.com/Rayhbanks/resource.html
a comment that most Military service records were destroyed in a fire in the seventies.

I believe Ancestry.com has WW1 Draft Registration cards
available by subscription. I don't know whether every state is covered.

Cyndis list may also be helpful


Edit: PS added

This site has a very good explanation of how the draft was organised and what information was obtained.