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12-03-05, 08:24
Hello all!
i have a question about Lagstrom family for some weeks ago and now I have the ansver.Thanks to June Pelo ,Ingmar Ekman and Rehnström .But now I have another problem,my computer have a hard disk chrash and I have lost the adress to the Lagstrom in Australia who I have try to help.Can anyone help me?
Best regards , Bert:confused:

12-03-05, 23:24
Hej Bert,
At the Genealogical Society of Finland is a link to Australias telephone directories.

Select emigration

When the page appears
Select Residential.
You can do a surname search however you must also
select a state.The first Area search will be for Metropolitan
then to search the rest of the state
choose Regional (the other choice in *Area).

Hope you find them