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June Pelo
12-03-05, 22:26
I received this photo from Folke Johansson in Finland of his grandmother Maria Lindqvist Johansson, a servant, and Maria's son Artur Johansson, b. 1891, d. 1941 at Viborg. Maria had another son Lennart, b. 1893 who died 1918 in France during World War I. Folke thinks this photo was taken in Ludington, Michigan ca 1894. He said there is the word Astoria written on the back of the photo. His father Berndt Johansson had a sister Alexandra Lindqvist Willis who lived in Astoria ca 1920 - he said Alexandra was a good singer. Folke's father Berndt had an aunt who married a man named Ekström and their oldest son was one of the founders of the Greyhould Bus Co. He was president from 1914-28 and then sold his shares and moved to Texas. Folke wondered if anyone recognized the photo.


12-03-05, 23:57
just happen to have this book and there is mention of an "E. C. Eckstrom, another early figure in the Wickman venture, had founded a bus line that ran out of Chicago to various towns in Michigan...."

edit: I had a scan of a bus from the 1920s era but then the book has a 1984 copyright so don't want trouble with Hasse so the new foto is a bus of the same style. The replacement foto didn't get shown, just the old one with the new name so I have just deleted the entire thing and have started again.


June Pelo
13-03-05, 21:29

My mother's brother Anders William Wargstrom and a group of his friends ran a jitney bus service in MN before 1911 and I was under the impression that it was taken over by Greyhound. My uncle sold his interest in the company because he needed the money to get married...