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LoriAnn Pawlik
15-03-05, 16:41
Hi everyone,
I'm new to this board and am so excited to be here! You all seem to be really friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We always thought that my Grandfather was Finnish - but have finally realized that there is a real group called Swedish-Finn. His parents immigrated to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan from the Vasa area and he grew up speaking Swedish. In fact, he remembers being ridiculed in grammar school for his speech. His Father was active in some kind of Swedish-Finn singing or band group. Grandpa was a logger & has some stories about some bear encounters. He & my Grandmother (she's passed away) had a chivaree (spelling?) when they were married.

Anyway, he is turning 90 this summer and the family is getting together down in Florida (where I grew up) to celebrate with him. I'm trying to put together a little famly book of his genealogy, the Nykarleby culture, his life in Michigan, maybe a couple of old recipes that his Mom would have cooked, possibly some photos, health info and today's family - to bless him & as a keepsake. I'm trying to figure out the right boards to post things on, so hopefully I'll get it right.

Also, my husband's mother is also Finn - her parent's are also interesting. It appears that for a time, these two worked as 'Father & son' in a camp in the Pacific NW - she cut her hair & there was a bit of an age difference. I do not think they were of the Swedish-Finn people, though, but maybe....

I have had some help w/ my tree in the past by Putte Back & Joelle Steele - thanks so much! I've been concentrating on my Dutch relatives (anyone need help there? lol) but am cycling back around to finish this project for my Grandpa.

I seem to have a gap between around 1860-1910. My Grandfather's Father, Jakob, & his two siblings have only a mother listed on records - Greta Lovisa Eriksdotter Finne, Kovjoki, Nykarleby - so it appears a major paternal branch is lost. I do have info on her (back further) & even Jakob's godparents. Jakob emigrated in July 1892, and somehow took the name Dahlvik. I've found him in Ellis Island, but not in the Migration Institute records. I've also seen something about him emigrating in 1894.

Well, thanks for letting me introduce myself. I hope to find lots of friends and learn new things here! Oh, is it more correct to use the umlauts consistently? If one does a search, will info come up if you don't use them?

Have a great day,

15-03-05, 18:36
A listing will help people here in the search on this side of the Atlantic.

I have free access to Swenson Swedish Immigration Center here in town and have compiled, with Kaj Grandlund, a dbase of UP Finnish born ppl as they were found in church films here.

Might be I have somebody for you so we all await your list. All names you know, birthdate or year at least, Finnish parish of birth if known, destination in America.

And welcome to sfhs!


LoriAnn Pawlik
15-03-05, 20:03
Hi Chuck,
Thanks for the welcome. I just posted on the 'relative ads' board, but briefly, my Great-Grandparents who immigrated are:

Jakob Dahlvik & his wife, Johanna Sundqvist. I am not sure if Jakob just 'picked' the name Dahlvik onboard ship or how that came to be. I cannot find an emigration record for him. I have found both of them in the Ellis Island files and in the 1910, 1920 & 1930 censuses for Manistique, Schoolcraft, Michigan.

Jakob Gretasson, was the son of Greta Lovisa Eriksdotter Finne & unknown father. He was born 17 Mar. 1868, Finne, Kovjoki, Nykarleby. He came over in 1892, although I've also seen 1894.

Johanna Mattsdotter Sundqvist, was the daughter of Matts Mattson Karlsund Rutas & Sanna Kajsa/Caisa Eriksdotter Helsing. She was born 16 July 1868, Rutas, Vexala, Munsala. She came over in 1899.

I have tried to find them in records online, but have not seen 'my people' listed.

Have a great day,

20-03-05, 06:28
There was a temperence lodge for Swedish Finns in Manistique up until around 1908, and then it merged into an Order of Runeberg. The temperence lodge members are listed on Delphi. Maybe your relatives are there?

LoriAnn Pawlik
21-03-05, 00:06
Hi Syrene,
What is a temperance lodge? I probably should know this ..I'll do a search on it.
Lori :)