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LoriAnn Pawlik
15-03-05, 19:33

I'm looking for a Finnish emigration record for this gentleman - my Great-Grandfather. I have his Ellis Island record & census records 1910, 1920 & 1930. I could not locate the passport or emigration record from the Migration Institute on my own. I tried several name searches. Perhaps his name changed while he was onboard the ship? This is what I have:

Jakob Dahlvik (in the US)
Jakob Gretasson
born 17 Mar. 1868, Finne, Kovjoki, Nykarleby, Finland
died 5 Dec. 1954, Manistique, Schoolcraft, Michigan
mother - Greta Lovisa Eriksdotter Finne - daughter of Erik Eriksson Marken Finne & Brita Maria (Maya) Larsdotter Finne
father - unknown
siblings - Amanda Gretasdotter, b. 20 Oct. 1860
Erika Gretasdotter, b. 30 July 1863, d. 26 May 1867

Jakob's godparents were farmer Petter Eriksson Sandström and his wife Sanna Lisa Larsdotter; and farm-hand Matts Mattson Berg and maid Susanna Andersdotter Forsbacka. Jakob moved to Pedersöre on May 24, 1888, but moved back later to Kovjoki. He married the maid Johanna Mattsdotter Sundqvist, from Hannula in Kovjoki, Nykarleby. Jakob emigrated to America in July 1892 (some sources say 1894) and his wife, Johanna in 1899.

Regarding Jakob's immigration - he arrived in NY, Ellis Island, on 27 July 1892, on the City of Paris, out of Liverpool.

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16-03-05, 04:46
Perhaps these two postings ought to be combined?

I found Jacob Dalsvik with the woman of the other thread. I was surprised but pleased to find two at one stroke:)


LoriAnn Pawlik
16-03-05, 17:43
Hi Chuck,
I know they are so close... I wasn't sure how to post for them because they are so unique too. I hoped someone would recognize the names by themselves, I guess.

I'm hoping that perhaps somewhere, someone has tread where I am & has perhaps figured out who Jakob's father was...
I'm not sure I have Johanna's parents as really correct so I posted her separately - in other words, I haven't seen an official record of them - it is just what someone in the family wrote down once upon a time. Even my Grandfather Everett doesn't remember ever meeting HIS Grandparents - they had all died before he was born! Grandpa's parent's were both 47 when he & his brother were born.

I still don't know how he came by Dahlvik - although I understand it means valley by the bay or something close to that. I thought the person kept just "Jakob Gretasson" if there was no Father, or took the mother's last name, or took the name of the farm they lived on. But, then, why wasn't he called Finne? It is a puzzle I'm trying to solve.

And, if I may be straightforward - can you be annoyed with your deceased ancestors? Greta Lovisa Eriksdotter Finne appears to have had 3 children w/o a Father listed! Did she not think of how that would affect my genealogy research?? :) :confused:

Thanks again,

16-03-05, 17:53
That should do the trick!

Oh, and somebody in Australia to help stir the pot.