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LoriAnn Pawlik
15-03-05, 19:46
Hiski records do not go this recent for Johanna, so although I have some info, I'm not sure if it is correct with the name changes involved - although I do believe that these were her parents. I cannot find any further info. I'd appreciate any help if these are familiar to anyone!

Johanna Mattsdotter Sundqvist
born 16 July 1868, Rutas, Vexala, Munsala, Finland
died 4 Jan. 1945, Manistique, Schoolcraft, Michigan
father Matts Mattson Karlsund Rutas, b. 30 Mar. 1815, Sagslampi
mother Sanna Kajsa (Caisa) Eriksdr. Helsing, b. 8 Sept. 1827
immigrated - 20 May 1899 thru Ellis Island

Sanna's parents:
Erik Gabrielsson Helsing & Beata Helena Johansdotter Pelat

Matts's parents:
Matts Johansson Skrivars Rutas & Catharina Backman

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15-03-05, 20:54
found at Swenson 219 = Schoolcraft County, Manistique, Zion Lutheran

Pos Given names Surname Other names Born Parish Em Church

13h Jakob Dahlsvik Mar 17 1868 Nykarleby 1894 219
13w Johanna Mattsdotter Jul 16 1868 Nykarleby 1899 219

I see to remember a Dahlsvik - hmm, oh yes, in your members posting but you had it as Dahlvik which is why I could not find him.

if these are your ppl, I can go to Swenson and get the complete page of data for you.


LoriAnn Pawlik
15-03-05, 21:46
Hi Chuck,
Yes, I'm sure that would be them! I have not heard the Dahlsvik name before, but I'm not sure how he came to have the Dahlvik (which is very close) last name in the first place. Jakob & Johanna had two children - twins Karl & Evert. Karl chose Dahlvick, Evert chose Dahlvik. I see it has the 1894 year too. So, he must have come over to the US in 1892 and possible returned to Vasa & was married in 1893. Returned back to the US in 1894 & then Johanna came in 1899. I am not sure what this Swenson record has in it so I would very much like to see it! Thank you for taking time to post & helping.
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15-03-05, 22:27
I guess my spelling error is based on the influence of the Dahl- names around here so it's Dalsvik in the membership book.

Also we see a son Oskar born August 23 1901 who died Sep 18 1901, just 26 days later.

The parents left the church in 1904 but the records do not tell us where they went. The other Schoolcraft County church was at Thompson but it began in 1910.

I also checked reception/dismissal/funeral pages in the hope of finding more info but nothing else so if you maybe have something for 1910 census, that might give a clue. Hmm, I checked the whole UP for them by name and birthdate but no luck there.
btw: send me an email or pm with your address and I will mail the copy to you. You can find that in the members section.
EDIT: they married June 25, 1893 and were received at the church Nov 4 1900.


16-03-05, 07:59
Hello and welcome LoriAnn,

Just to add confusion Johanna's passport may have been issued as Dahlsvik not Dalsvik.
There is a passport record index for Dahlsvik Johanna born 1868.


LoriAnn Pawlik
16-03-05, 17:32
Thank you for the info. I wrote to Zion Lutheran to find out if they have any old photos of the church or any history that I could include in my notes.

Interesting that you had noted about a son named Oskar. No one knows about him. Everett's brother is Karl Oskar. I will have to figure out where he is buried. There were many years between children so I wonder if there were perhaps more...

1910 - He is still in Manistique under Jacob Dahlvik
1920 - Manistique, Jacob Dahbeck

I will have to look at the passport records again too. I think that I may have seen that one, but I didn't enter it into my database because I wasn't sure at the time. Thanks!

Is there anyone who knows if there are any online records of people born in 1868 in the Vaasa area? I'd really like to verify her parents. If I do have them right, then it is her maternal side that is a brick wall.

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16-03-05, 17:51
Sometimes a history booklet is filmed or the center has other pictures so I will see what I can locate for you.


16-03-05, 19:58
There is a booklet of about 20 pages text and pictures that probably could be fotocopied - Swenson charges .25 per page so if Zion Lutheran has one of the original booklets, that would be preferred.
CORRECTION EDIT:"... through the mail we {Swenson} charge $.50/copy and have a $5 minimum. Helps cover postage..."
If this is all that is available, it would be very helpful to have an email or letter from Zion church to Swenson giving permission for the copying.
They have an email address right on the front page so writing fotocopy permission or similar on the subject line would draw attention to indicate the purpose of the email.