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16-03-05, 10:24
Searching for relatives to my grandfather Emil N. Broman
from Gotland, Sweden and
Anna Lovisa Wikman b. 1/8 1877 (from Aland or Finland).

Emil emigrated to the U.S.( NYC) in 1900.
He returned in 1923 and died in 1949.
He married Anna L. Wikman in 1905 in NYC.
She had immigrated about 1895.
Anna died in 1910.
She had siblings in the U.S., among others a brother Henry Wikman.
If you have met these names in your research or in other connections,
I would be very grateful
for any information.

Henrik Mangs

16-03-05, 15:13
Hi Henrik,
For starters, I believe I found Anna in the 1910 census listed as a patient in Manhattan State Hospital. I've attached the image.

I checked for Emil but he wasn't [edited was to wasn't] indexed under his first name. What was his middle name that began with N?

I did a check for Wikman also and there were 24 but only 1 or 2 that were foreign born. I'll check some more later when I have more time.

Karen Norwillo
16-03-05, 18:44
I found Anna Lovisa Wikman on the passenger list on Emigrant Register, leaving 29 Aug 1896 on the SS Astraea for NY. I also found her on the Boston Passenger List arriving 12 Sep 1896, age 21, Finn, servant, destination NY. Says from Liljendahl, FI.
I found an Emil Broman leaving Hanko 26 May 1909 on the SS Titania and then on the SS Saxonia 1 Jun 1909 bound for Boston. On the Boston Pass. List is Emil Broman age 23, arriving with destination as Maynard Mass. Father listed as Klas Broman Yyteri, FI. This may not be the correct Emil, but it was the only one listed.That would make Anna abt 10 years older. I checked the 1900, 1910 and 1920 census and couldn't find an Emil Broman, except in Mass. and his wife wasn't Anna.This is probably the one who arrived in 1909. I also found a Henry Wikman, age 30 who left Hanko 18 Mar 1911 on SS Astraea and 25 Mar 1911 on the SS Mauratania bound for NY. Karen N

Karen Norwillo
17-03-05, 18:59
Sorry I didn't look at your post closer. I found Emil Broman on Ellis Island arriving 31 Aug 1900 on SS Campania out of Liverpool. Says he's 25 from Gothland, Sweden, single, laborer, going to Brooklyn, NY. The page displays somewhat on an angle so it's hard to match lines. He's on line 24. Can't make out who he's going to.

19-03-05, 13:05
All his names is

Carl Emil Nicolaus Broman

Henrik Mangs

22-03-05, 21:26
These are the Broman's that appear in New York during the 1910 census. One of these is the Annie that I attached the image up above.

Alexander Broman 3-WD BUFFALO, Erie, NY 1837 White Male
Anders R Broman 19-WD MANHATTAN, New york, NY 1884 White Male
Annie Broman 10-WD MANHATTAN, New york, NY 1877 White Female
Annie Broman 12-WD MANHATTAN, New york, NY 1876 White Female
Arthur C Broman 3-WD BUFFALO, Erie, NY 1850 New York White Male
Charles Broman SENNETT, Cayuga, NY 1855 New York White Male
Charles Broman 21-WD BROOKLYN, Kings, NY 1853 White Male
Charles Broman WATERFORD, Saratoga, NY 1851 New York White Male
Christine Broman 22-WD BROOKLYN, Kings, NY 1878 White Female
Ellen M Broman 6-WD BROOKLYN, Kings, NY 1862 White Female
Erick A Broman 22-PCT 32-AD BRONX, New york, NY 1871 White Male
Ester L Broman 22-WD MANHATTAN, New york, NY 1887 White Female
Frans W Broman 19-WD MANHATTAN, New york, NY 1869 White Male
Helen A Broman 12-WD MANHATTAN, New york, NY 1849 White Female
Henry Broman 2-WD TROY, Rensselaer, NY 1884 New York Colored Male
Jacob Broman 12-WD MANHATTAN, New york, NY 1886 White Male
Jefferson Broman 4-WD NEWBURGH, Orange, NY 1877 Virginia Male
John a M Broman 24-WD BROOKLYN, Kings, NY 1865 White Male
Lizzy Broman 21-WD MANHATTAN, New york, NY 1872 White Female
Mary Broman 1-WD BINGHAMTON, Broome, NY 1859 New York Colored Female
Mary A Broman 12-WD MANHATTAN, New york, NY 1854 White Female
Minnie Broman 1-WD BROOKLYN, Kings, NY 1880 White Female
Phoebe Broman 2-WD HORNELL, Steuben, NY 1830 New York White Female
Richard Broman 2-WD OGDENSBURG, St lawrence, NY 1851 New York White Male
Sigrid Broman 19-WD MANHATTAN, New york, NY 1884 White Female
Wm Broman 21-PCT 32-AD BRONX, New york, NY 1883 White Male