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18-03-05, 00:58
I'm looking for additional information about my mother's aunt, Nathalie Kavaleff - born 29.12.1964 in Helsingfors - who emigrated to USA in 1890, because she did not get her parents approval to marry a Swedish artist, Carl Gustaf (Claude ?) Mankell.

Nathalie left Finland on Saturday the 27th Sept. 1890 by S/S Helsingfors as Miss Kavaleff but she arrived to US as Mrs Mankell. I do not know where she married Mankell. The Mankells settled down in Buffalo, NY and their address was: 63 Linwood Avenue. Carl Gustaf was friend with George Merrit Clark, a painter from Buffalo (I have a small aquarell from Grand River 1893).

Nathalie graduated from the Royal Gymnastic Central Institute/GCI in Stockholm in 1889 as teacher of gymnastics. After that she was working at Mariehamns Badanstalt, Åland in the Summer 1890. She had also a practice in Helsingfors at Högbergsgatan 21 before she left Finland. In the States she had a practice already 1890 in Buffalo, worked at Franklin School 1894-1903 as teacher of gymnastics, giving lectures in medical gymnastics at the medical department of the University ibm since 1896 and University of Buffalo since 1899. Nathalie graduated from Univ. of Buffalo on 1911 as a doctor with the speciality, medical gymnastics. "Women and athletics gained a foothold through Dr Mankell and by the fall of 1922, enough support was gathered to establish the University's Women's Athletics Association" (copied from the website of UB).

Nathalie was naturalized July 25, 1911 at the Southern District Court of New York. C-G (Claude) Mankell 1894 at Erik County.


There are some other journeys from Europe and the husband travels as a merchant.

My daughter Anna is studying at Natta's old school in Stockholm over 100 years later. She will graduate by the end of Autumn 2005. They look the same.

Any news on Natta will be much appreciated. There is a picture of her at http://panam1901.bfn.org/ubpanam/mankellsports.html

Kind regards,
Asta K.

PS. Natta's father was:
Nikolai Kavaleff born 15.05.1830 in Helsingfors, died 14.01.1902 in Helsingfors by suicide. He shot himself on his first wife's grave (Natta's mother). Buried at the orthodox churchyard in Helsingfors together with Natta's mother:

Ida Augusta Uggla born 22.9.1839 in Helsingfors, died 23.11.1894.

31-03-06, 12:21
Dear Asta K,

Natta Kavaleff was my grandmother Lilli Wallman´s (born Kavaleff) sister. Some of Natta's letters to Lilli and some photos are in my position. There are also letters from a lady who kindly took care of Natta during her last years, which she spent i Florida. Natta was very kind to Lilli and to Lilli's son's (my) family. During the hard years after the war she sent us clothes, shoes, coffee, schoclite and other things we really did not have too much of in Finland. The very best thing I ever got was a doll with the most beautiflul dress made of light green lace!

However, I have not had the time to go through the letters, which might provide more information about Natta.

My grandmother Lilli was a very special person and she told me many fascinating stories about her family. She died in 1956, when I was ten years old.

I found you, Astali on the finlander-page, when I was looking for information about Nicke Kavaleff (Natta's brother?).

I would really appreciate to get in contact with you

With kind regards

Trisse W

William Dahlin
31-03-06, 19:48
Found the following on Ancestry.com

1910 Census Buffalo City New York

Gustaf C. Mankell
age 42
b. Sweden
usa 1886
Artist - Painter

Natalie Mankell
age 40 or 45
b. Gen Russia

Helen Mullalny
Servant age 35

1920 Census Buffalo City New York

C Gustaf Mankkell
age 55
usa 1869
b. Sweden

age 55
b. Finland
Orthopedic Phys.

Mille Christine
usa 1914
age 35
b. Scotland

1930 Census East Aurora Village New York

C Gustaf Mankell
age 64
b. Sweden
Artist - Studio

age 65
b. Finland
Phys. MD

Florida Death Record
Nathalie K Mankell MD
Death Date Jan 1956
Broward County
State: Florida

02-04-06, 02:33
Dear William,

Thanks a lot for the information you have kindly supplied. If Nathalie died 1956 in Florida without relatives - do you think she has a grave yard? Or has she just disappeared? What is the custom in the US?

Kind regards,
Asta Kolma

02-04-06, 02:40
Dear Trisse,

Interesting to hear from you and I have sent you a reply with my contact information to your e-mail address in Finland.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,
Asta Kolma

William Dahlin
02-04-06, 03:32
The custom in the USA is to be buried in a cemetery (grave yard)
or by cremation. My guess would be that she would have
elected to be buried in a cemetery.

The 1940 census will not be out until 2012 which would
give information on where she was in 1940.

Will check and see what I can find out. Her death record
did not show what cemetery but will see what I can find
out. Will be in touch.

William Dahlin
02-04-06, 04:00
Would you know what city Nathalie may have lived in
Florida. Broward county has over 25 cemeteries that
I found listed. Was able to check six of them but Nathalie
was not listed.

02-04-06, 13:42
Dear William,

Thanks for your e-mail. Nathalie Mankell used to stay in Fort Lauderdale (during the winter season according to my aunt).

Kind regards,

02-04-06, 19:23
Dear William,
Thank you so much for providing information about Nathalie Kavaleff Mankell. It was very encouraging to hear from you! As Asta K mentioned, Natta was staying in Florida Fort Lauerdale during her last years. Before that she lived in Buffalo. Maybe she was buried there?
With kind regards
Beatrice W

William Dahlin
02-04-06, 20:26
Hello Trisse,

Florida Death Index 1936-1998 Record lists:

Nathalie K Mankell MD
Death Date" Jan 1956
County of Death Broward
State of Death: Florida
Race: White
Gender: Female

I searched New York Death Records but did not come
up with any information. Read your note about Nathalie
living also in Florida.

Do you think this is the right person. She was a MD as listed
on census records. I found no other additional information
from Fort Lauderdale, Flordida. Was hoping to find a obit
but so far no luck.

William Dahlin
02-04-06, 20:33

Been searching this morning for more information on Nathalie
and also C Gustaf but have not had any success. Fort
Lauderdale has 18 cemeteries and of six that have information
on the Internet Mankell was not listed.

I also searched for C Gustaf Mankell death records but have
not come up with anything.

The only information that I have found which I sent you is
Florida Death Index 1936=1998 Record

Nathalie K. Mankell MD
Death Date: Jan 1956
County of Death: Broward
State of Death: Florida
Race: White
Gender: Female