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18-09-03, 21:14
I would like to get some hints about how to track my great grandfather Gustav Johansson Portin, born May 2nd 1851 i Pedersöre Finland. He emigrated probably 1889 either to the USA or to Canada and later to USA. My late uncle Gösta who was a genealogist failed to fidn him. Gustav was declared officially dead in 1951.
His brother Anders, who I believed was called Andrew in the USA emigrated also in 1889. I do not know if they went together or not.
This should have happened before Ellis Island was put to use, so the Ellis Island Org. have no data.

June Pelo
18-09-03, 22:14
I have some Portin names in my database. One is an Anders Arvid Andersson Portin, b. 1862 in Sundby, Pedersöre. He had a number of children who came to the US: Michigan, Seattle and Everett, WA. The data came from Ronny Norberg in Sweden. The last address I had for him was: ronny.norberg%40gavle.mail.telia.com

I have a Gösta Rolf Gerhard Portin, 1938-1995 - born and died in Sweden.


June Pelo
18-09-03, 22:16

I replied to your mail, but I think it went through as a new thread instead of a reply. Sorry.

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20-09-03, 04:39
Among the paid members of the Swedish Finn Historical Society, there is one Portin, still living, and his son, and a brother who died in 2000. They lived in Seattle WA. The two brothers descend from Johan Felix Portin, born 1888 in Pedersöre. Do you want to contact a Portin from that line?
Syrene Forsman

20-09-03, 18:55
Hi Sune !
I have no Portin´s who I can say are related to your Portin ,but they live many Portin´s here in Pedersöre.One of the most well-known are Max .He are farmer and singing folkmusic and so on.He are interested of many cultural things.You maybe will contact him at phone ?
Best regards, Bert Lindvall

20-09-03, 19:36
Thank you all for your help. All information can be of use. I know something about the Portins living in Pedersöre. I am born in Jakobstad and my father lived his last years in Sandsund.
For now I think a contact in Seattle would be most interesting. I know there are some Portins living in the north west of the USA.

23-09-03, 06:36
Dear Sune,
"Serendipity" is when 2+2 + a lot more than four. That happened to your query this morning. When I called Vern Portin re: your query he was very interested, and said the date of arrival into the USA matched his grandfather and (grand) uncle. Then a thank you note came into the SFHS office from visitors a week ago Friday. They live in Minnesota, and did some research here while visiting their daughter in Puget Sound. In his email he mentioned stopping at an aunt's ranch in Montana, who married a Portin, although they spelled it Porteen.

I was so jazzed this AM. Hope you enjoy the connections. This is a summary of our private messages so the other listers cn enjoy.

23-09-03, 18:05
Thank you Syrene. You have been most helpful. I e-mailed Vern and got his reply today. He is indeed my distant cousin. That is his grandfather was my great grandfather's younger brother.

The mystery of my great grandfather still remains, because Vern had no information about him, but who knows it all my be revealed one day.

The information that our family name is also written "Porteen" is interesting. I have seen that spelling in search results from familysearch.org, but I have discarded them as irrelevant. Perhaps I should take a new look.

It would be logical, for Portin is pronounced in Swedish as you would pronounce Porteen in English. So if an immigrant states his name to an immigrations officer he would probably write Portin as Porteen.

Thank you once again. And please tell me more if you find antyhing of interest.


Ulf Wallendahl
25-09-03, 10:36
About 10 years ago I attended the Portin family reunion at Jutbacka and could see how large the extended Portin family really is.

I found the following information that might be of interest to you at the Jakobstdsnejdens släktforskare / länkar / Cemetary records / Portin

(Click (http://www.interment.net/data/us/wa/clark/lacenter/center%5Flz.htm))

LaCenter Cemetary, Clark County, Washington State
Portin, Andrew, b. 1853, d. 1921
Portin, Henry, b. 1901, d. 1908
Portin, Sophia, b. 1859, d. 1935

I have been looking for information on my great grandfather, especially where he was in the USA before he passed away.

Mats Leander Teirfolk Portin, born 1875 in Esse, died 1905 in (Salt Lake City ?) USA


31-10-03, 19:20
Hallo Sune!
I have lots of information Gustav Portin (but not where he went in the USA). Please do contact me.

31-10-03, 19:29
Hej Michelle !
Jag har en del Kristola Rif och Skruf namn i mina data om du är intresserad.Min e-post adress är bert.lindvall%40pp.inet.fi
Hälsningar Bert ;)

21-11-03, 05:32
Hi Sune,
I looked in 5 Seattle Swedish language churches microfilms at Swenson but I must report that I did not find anybody by that name or a similar spelling. The churches checked were:
1. Ballard Baptist
2. Central Baptist
3. Evangelical Free
4. First Covenant
5. Gethsemane Lutheran
I chose this group because they corresponded to the supposed emigration date of your great grandfather. Several other churches were formed about 20 years after these which came about in roughly 1889.
So I am sorry not to add to the great news you received earlier.

04-12-03, 16:54
Hi Sune,
Here is a list of names using the soundex code on the 1920 cenus for your Portin name. If any look like the right one let me know and I can look at the census page.
alicia marshall
Porthen, Bruno 39 1880 Finland White Ketchikan, First Judicial District, Alaska Territory
Partanen, Russel 40 1879 Finland White Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California
Partaman, Isaac 32 1887 Finland White East Telluride, San Miguel, Colorado
Partanen, John 31 1888 Finland White Savage Basin, San Miguel, Colorado
Pirttinen, Elias 46 1873 Finland White Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Pirttinen, Emil 25 1894 Finland White Cicero, Cook, Illinois
Partman, William 47 1872 Finland White Monson, Piscataquis, Maine
Pirttinen, John A 32 1887 Finland White Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Pirttinen, Charles A 27 1892 Finland White Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Partoni, John 35 1884 Finland White Peabody, Essex, Massachusetts
Partamon, Peter 36 1883 Finland White Clinton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Pirtiman, Liisa 50 1869 Finland White Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partanen, Emil 35 1884 Finland White Templeton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Partanen, Matt 27 1892 Finland White Baraga, Baraga, Michigan
Partanen, Ole 28 1891 Finland White L'Anse, Baraga, Michigan
Partanen, John 38 1881 Finland White Torch Lake, Houghton, Michigan
Portenen, Clivas 26 1893 Finland White Allouez, Keweenaw, Michigan
Partanen, Charles 47 1872 Finland White Ely, Marquette, Michigan
Partanen, Charley 32 1887 Finland White Negaunee, Marquette, Michigan
Partanen, John 31 1888 Finland White Pontiac, Oakland, Michigan

Partanen, Wm 46 1873 Finland White Rockland, Ontonagon, Michigan
Peardon, Patrick 55 1864 Finland White Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
Partanen, Alexander 37 1882 Finland White Quadna, Aitkin, Minnesota
Partanen, Henry 27 1892 Finland White Crosby, Crow Wing, Minnesota
Perthines, Gust 49 1870 Finland White Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota
Perttunen, Lilma 20 1899 Finland White Nashwauk, Itasca, Minnesota
Partanen, Olga 22 1897 Finland White Duluth, Saint Louis, Minnesota
Porthan, John 49 1870 Finland White Ely, Saint Louis, Minnesota
Partanen, John 39 1880 Finland White Industrial, Saint Louis, Minnesota
Portaanpar, Herman 56 1863 Finland White Lavell, Saint Louis, Minnesota
Porthan, Matt 52 1867 Finland White Morse, Saint Louis, Minnesota
Partanen, Herman 49 1870 Finland White Mountain Iron, Saint Louis, Minnesota
Partanen, Matt 27 1892 Finland White Pike, Saint Louis, Minnesota
Porten, William 39 1880 Finland White Rice Lake, Saint Louis, Minnesota
Perttunea, Grio 38 1881 Finland White Toivola, Saint Louis, Minnesota
Partanen, Peter 30 1889 Finland White Virginia, Saint Louis, Minnesota
Partinias, August 39 1880 Finland White Fitzwilliam, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Partain, John 40 1879 Finland White Buffalo City, Erie, New York
Preedin, Ernest 45 1874 Finland White Brooklyn, Kings, New York
Partanen, Paul 35 1884 Finland White Brooklyn, Kings, New York

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Portenier, Hester 22 1897 Finland White North Hempstead, Nassau, New York
Perdane, Alexander 39 1880 Finland White Manhattan, New York, New York
Partenan, Matts I 35 1884 Finland White Manhattan, New York, New York
Partanen, Gustava 32 1887 Finland White Pelham Manor, Westchester, New York
Partanen, Henry 32 1887 Finland White Conneaut, Ashtabula, Ohio
Partanen, Otto 33 1886 Finland White Astoria, Clatsop, Oregon
Partan, Antti 41 1878 Finland White Astoria, Clatsop, Oregon
Perttunen, Herman 36 1883 Finland White Astoria, Clatsop, Oregon
Partanen, Eino E 36 1883 Finland White Oak Point, Columbia, Oregon
Partanen, Tobias 36 1883 Finland White Bristol, Bucks, Pennsylvania
Partynen, Simor?? 33 1886 Finland White Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Perttunen, Henry 57 1862 Finland White Gallup, Harding, South Dakota
Portin, William 40 1879 Finland White Bingham Town, Salt Lake, Utah
Partanen, Charles 50 1869 Finland White Lancaster, Cowlitz, Washington
Partanen, Alla 47 1872 Finland White Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, Washington
Parthemer, Vaino 27 1892 Finland White Seattle, King, Washington
Partanen, Otto R 65 1854 Finland White Seattle, King, Washington
Pertteman, Henry 38 1881 Finland White Reseburg, Clark, Wisconsin
Partanen, Charles 34 1885 Finland White Commonwealth, Florence, Wisconsin
Partanen, Matt 46 1873 Finland White Knox, Price, Wisconsin
Name Age in
1920 Estimated
Birth Year Birthplace Race Home in 1920
(City,County,State) View

Partanen, Ievar 45 1874 Finland White Rock Springs, Sweetwater, Wyoming
Partanen, John 44 1875 Finland White Rock Springs, Sweetwater, Wyoming
Partanen, William 20 1899 Finland White Rock Springs, Sweetwater, Wyoming

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09-12-03, 08:43
Hi Sune,
In the Heritage Quest CD - Scandinavians in the 1910 US Federal Census I found the following information for Andrew Portin.
Age 57 Born Finland State ND County Ransom
Locality Rosemeade TWP Range 54 T624 Roll 1146
Part 2 Page 121 Subpage A

As only Heads of Household and those with different surnames are listed on this CD you will need to check the 1910 census to see whether any more Portin names can be found listed with Andrew.
Two others with surname Portin were listed on the CD
E H Portin no age no place of birth in Boxbutte, Nebraska
William Portin age 31 b. Finland Bingham Canyon, Salt Lake, UTAH.


A-M Löfdahl
10-01-04, 22:27
re. your posts about descendants of Johan Felix Portin b 1888 in Pedersöre.

Johan Felix Portin was first cousin to my maternal grandmother!
My mother has talked about her grandmothers sister who married a Portin and emigrated to USA. Now I have checked out that that was Johan Felix´parents. I have met one of his (or his brother´s) descendants when I was a child but my mother did not remember his name.

I hope to get in contact with them also!

A-M Löfdahl
19-02-04, 22:05
Thanks especially to Sune and Syrene!

Now I´m also in contact with the Portin family in Seattle! I have found many relatives there that I didn´t know.

I thought I just let you all know.