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Paivi T
18-03-05, 22:31
Dear Diary:

August 12: Just moved to Rovaniemi. It's so beautiful here. The nature is majestic. I can barely wait to see how it all looks covered with beautiful white snow.

September 23: Lapland is the most beautiful place in the world. It's autumn, and all trees have turned the wildest shades of yellow, orange and red. Went for a hike in the fells, saw reindeer and moose. Gorgeous animals. This is Paradise!

November 11: The hunting season has started. How anyone can shoot those majestic animals, I'll never know. Hope it snows soon. Love living here!

December 2: It snowed last night! Everything looks straight out of a postcard. Went outside, shoveled the yard and gate clear of snow. Had a snowball war with the neighbour - I won! Living here is fantastic! The snowplough drove past and I shoveled the gate clear of snow again.

December 12: More snow. I love it! The snowplough blocked my gate again.

December 19: More snow. Couldn't get out of the gate 'cause the snowplough had buried it again. Consequently was late for work... &%&% snowplough!

December 22: Got more of that white shit last night. Getting blisters from shoveling. Bet the snowplough is waiting just around the corner, ready to zoom by as soon as I'm finished shoveling. &%&%!

December 24: More snow - merry Christmas! If I ever get my hands on that &%&% snowplough driver, I'll tear his guts out. Why oh why can't they just salt the roads!?

December 27: Yet more white shit, sky-wide. Three days indoors, except for bouts of shoveling. Can't go anywhere: the car's frozen and stuck in that white shit. The weatherman said that we're going to get 30 cm more snow. Fantastic! Does anyone realise how many shovelfuls that makes?!

December 28: Idiot weatherman lied - we got 55 cm. It's definitely not going to melt before summer. Even the snowplough got stuck. That bastard driver came in to borrow my shovel! After I told that %&% that because of him, I'd already broken six shovels, I broke the last one over his head.

January 4: Finally able to drive the car again. Went shopping. Hit a moose on the way back. Damage to the car cost me thousands... Those &%&% beasts should be exterminated. Hope the hunters kill them all this year.

May 3: Took the car to the bodyshop. Does anyone realise how much damage road salt can cause?! Why oh why must they salt the roads?

May 10: Moved back to Helsinki. How anyone in their right mind could ever live in that god-forsaken place in the middle of bloody nowhere, I'll never know.

19-03-05, 17:40
Hi Paivi,
I have heard another version of this referrring to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan here. It seems to be universal. :D

19-03-05, 17:52
I had to laugh, because snow is so rare in Australia, we all think it would be lovely to live with white Christmases and have snow ball fights. m sure just like the joke though we would get sick of it pretty quickly!

Paivi T
20-03-05, 15:13
During our years in Sydney and Singapore, we really only missed snow at Christmas. Without snow, Christmas just never felt right.

However, we didn't miss the shovelling and ploughing for a single second. Though I've got to say that it's excellent exercise...

Päivi T