View Full Version : Toivo and Eino in Chassell building a sauna

19-03-05, 03:50
As told to me by my son who once lived on Creamery Road:

Toivo was working on one side of the sauna and Eino was on the other side.

Toivo came around to check on Eino.

Eino picked up a nail, looked at it and threw it away. Then he got another nail, looked at it and pounded it into the sauna. Then he got another, looked at it, and threw it away.

Toivo asked Eino why he was throwing the nails away.

Eino said that those nails were headed the wrong way.

Toivo responded, "Eino you old fool. Those nails are for the other side of the sauna."

19-03-05, 10:45
There are many stories here in Finland about the folks living in Bemböle, which is a village in Esbo. The nail story is one of them. In Finnish the same stories are credited to the people living in "Hölmölä" (Foolsville).

The Bemböle folks where building a house, but in were in such haste that they forgot to make holes in the walls for windows. The smartest man in Bemböle said he would fix it. He took an empty sack and opened it towards the sun. Then he carried it in the house and opened it, expecting the caught light to flow out.
"I wasn't fast enough. I must try again and close the sack faster", he said.
Reportedly he is still trying to catch the sunlight in a sack, and he is just a fraction of a second away from succeeding.

A man from Bemböle went to the forest with a horse an sleigh to get fire wood. He loaded the logs one by one on the sleigh saying to the horse:
"If you are strong enough for that one, you can take one more"
Finally the sleigh was loaded with all the wood the men would take home, but the load was too heavy for the horse. It cloudn't move.
The man started to lighten the load log by log.
"If you can't pull this one, I must take one more away..."
And finally the sleigh was empty. The Bemböling started to load again:
If you can take that one, you can take one more..."
He hasn't come out of the forest yet.