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19-03-05, 13:34
According to some information I received from the Ekenas Forsamling in 1995 my great , great grandfathers sister, Augusta Maria Donsberg "was transmitted to the Methodist Church in Ekenas in 1895, was never married and had no children"
Can some body explain exactly what this means? Did she change religions? Become a nun? What would the predominant religion have been at that time. I always assumed perhaps incorrectly that it would have been Lutheran.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


19-03-05, 17:29
överföra is in my english-swedish dictionary is used for the english term transmit and also transfer.

in this instance, I believe transfer is the correct usage.

transfer=send from one to another. When I was in the USAF, I transferred from an assignment in Turkey to an assignment in Germany.

transmit=is more in the line of the actual sending of something.
When I was in the USAF, I personally transmitted my medical and personnel records folders from my old assignment to the new assignment.

Does that make sense to you?


19-03-05, 17:48
Hi Chuck,
Yes that does make more sense. The original translation was done by the wonderful lady at Ekenas Forsamling, so I did wonder if there had been a word substitution with "transmitted". I guess it means she changed religions and became a methodist. Interestingly Australian records of the same period would never have mentioned something of this nature. (Aussie records are sometimes appallingly lacking in information) and so when information arrives to me that is this detailed Im often left thinking "why did they have that on there, it must mean something ". It would not seem that is the case in this instance, other than to mean she changed religions.

Thankyou for helping to clarify that.

Alf Blomqvist
20-03-05, 10:10
Hi Shay!

My guess is that your great grandfathers sister moved/changed from the Lutheran Ekenäs församling to the Methodists, the Methodist Church in Ekenas, nothing more or less. It had to be written down in some way... she was överförd = transferred.

Kaj Granlund
20-03-05, 13:16
The lutheran and the orthodox congregations took care of the official populationrecords for a long period. The state took little by little more of the responisibility until the law in 1993 that finally gives the state the full responsibility. At the end of 1800 it was possible not to belong to a lutheran or orthodox church and then the persons that converted had to be registered somewhere else. And sometimes these congregation records are now very ahrd to find. There were official municipality records from 1922 for these persons and for those that didn't belong to any church at all. So that's why there has to me a mark in the lutheran records to know where they moved or left.

25-03-05, 02:49
Thankyou so much everyone for you viewpoints and help with this. It has certainly made things a lot clearer for me, and has also suggested some other lines of enquiry for me .I appreciate it .