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19-03-05, 12:48
Forgive my ignorance.I think this is Finnish but Im not 100% sure. I have what I assume is the birth cerificate of my great grandfather , and can understand some of it. However there are some words that Im struggling with.

Can someone help?

Does Timmerman mean carpenter?
Föräldrar = parents?
Faddrar? what does this mean ?
And this whole paragraph: "Timmerman Anders och Lovisa Mietala och Seminarivaktmästare Gustaf Ekholm och pigan Agatha Jospehina Kajan"

Im assuming this means something like, those people were witnesses to the birth or attended the birth or registered the birth?

I feel so useless not speaking the language! I think I may have to invest in a Finnish /English dictionary, so im not in here a lot asking for translation help!

Kind regards,


Jaska Sarell
19-03-05, 15:27
That's Swedish and you got the two words right.

faddrar = godparents, witnesses at christening
seminarium = teacher's training college
vaktmästare = porter (in this context)
piga = maid

:) Jaska

19-03-05, 16:03
thats fantastic, thankyou! Now if I can just learn to tell the difference between Swedish and Finnish, so I can buy the right dictionary. Thanks for all your help. I assumed it was something along those lines but to have it confirmed is very exciting.


Dolores Luczak
19-03-05, 16:55
This my help you out a little, go on seach on google , type in swedish dictionary, there are many to choose from, english to Swedish or Finnish, and save it to your favorites when you need to use it for referance again.


19-03-05, 17:15
thankyou Dolores, thats a great idea! I'll do that.