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20-03-05, 20:45

I have a person missing some details and roots:
Anna Brita Andersdotter Tarvonen (she was maid=piga), born 27.6.1790 where?, died ?.?.???? where?

(married 1.11.1816 Lepplax, with Johan Mattsson Wäll, bonde son, born 9.3.1796 Lepplax, died 28.1.1848 Lepplax.)

I wonder if anyone knows whose daughter this Anna Brita is?

Where does this Tarvonen name come from? Is it a house/place in Pedersöre or somewhere in the neighboring villages?

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Jaska Sarell
21-03-05, 10:11
Tarvonen was one of the early settlers in Lappajärvi.

The name also came to a farm in Dalabäck village of Pedersöre by one farmer. Later that farm was taken by my paternal ancestor Christer Josefsson Hyytinen, but the Tarvonen name stayed.

Also some Tarvonen gave name to a farm in Lappfors village of Esse. That's where your Anna Brita was born, in 23 Aug 1790 as given in the "black books". Her parents were Anders Johansson Tarvonen (18.11.1764 - 22.7.1809) and Brita Andersdotter Borgmästars (b. 23.4.1768). You can find a bit more about her ancestors from my Talko entry.

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29-03-05, 10:19
Thanks Jaska!

This gave me a totally new thread to follow!

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