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20-03-05, 21:08

I will put this on this side in English also...

I am looking for parents for this lady with a "cute" surname:

Maja Cajsa Mattsdr Puss
born 24.6.1805 Munsala(?), died 4.12.1863 Pedersöre
(Married with Henrik Gustaf Johanss. Abbors 16.7.1825 Jakobstad)

Her father might be Matts Christofferss. (born 1775 and died 22.10.1833 Munsala), but I am not exactly sure and I don't have a clue about mother.

Regards, Sami

06-04-05, 18:06

I actually found the answer (I believe) by browsing through HisKi with several searches...

My starting person actually was Puss and born in Munsala:

Maja Cajsa Mattsdotter Puss
b. 24.6.1805 Munsala d. 4.12.1863 Pedersöre

But her parents were almost surely these:

Matts Christofferss. Emtö
f. 22.9.1775 Lepplax, Pedersöre d. 22.10.1833 Munsala

Maja Mattsdotter Lillkassnäs
f. 7.4.1781 Sundby, Pedersöre d. 2.12.1849 Munsala

They seemed to move at certain stage of their life to Munsala and Matts became Torppare (I don't know the term in english) in Puss. Munsala book of dead has both of the parents, but with surname/place name Puss and the ages match nicely to their birth dates in Pedersöre.

One more puzzle solved!