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20-03-05, 21:14

I am looking for right surname/details and parents for
Anders Mattsson, born 5.4.1813 Bjong, Kronoby, died ?.?.???? where?
Married 27.3.1852 Pedersöre, with Anna Lisa Jakobsdr. Emtö, born 18.8.1828 Emtö, Lepplax, died ?.?.???? where?

Anders might have used name Bjong or Bosund.
He married to Emtö farm, so his children's surname continues as Emtö after him. But was he torppare or dräng before that?

Regards, Sami

01-09-05, 10:54
Hi all,

Obviously nobody here had the death dates of these persons in their Talko databases. I have not found them in any of the available electronic databases either.
However I contacted Pedersöre Parish with all the 8 persons, that I have been missing the death date for quite a while, and guess what, after two months of waiting, I got the answers with a nominal cost from their records!

For those of you who want to update your databases, since I noticed that many of you have these people without death dates in Talko, here they are:

Johan Andersson Emtö, b. 23.9.1854 d. 14.12.1912
Brita Magdalena Johansdotter Emtö, Bjong, b. 27.10.1856 d. 29.6.1923

Anders Mattsson Emtö, Bosund, b. 7.11.1826 d. 9.2.1885
Anna Lisa Jakobsdotter Emtö, b. 18.8.1828 d. 7.4.1900

Jakob Jakobsson Emtö, b. 26.5.1793 d. 15.3.1870
Maria Eriksdodtter Emtö, Lillkassnäs, b. 18.10.1791 d. 26.6.1860

Erik Mattsson Strang, b. 2.11.1797, d. 28.12.1880
Maja Stina Mattsdotter Strang, Gästgivars, b. 1798 d. 3.4.1866.