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LoriAnn Pawlik
21-03-05, 02:42
Hi everyone,

I have seen Matts name as 'Matts Mattsson Karlsund/Rutas'. He was born in Sagslampi on 30.3.1815 to Matts Johansson Skrifvars Rutas & Chaisa Henricsdr. I can find some (not so much on Chaisa) info backwards on Hiski from there. BUT...
Matts/Mathias was married 3 times. I'm trying to find out what became of the children (or the wives) if anyone knows. I have only a little bit of info on them, but the names change a lot and some emigrated. Does anyone have these descendants of Matts in their tree?

Matts Mattson b. 30.3.1815, Sagslampi, Terjarv
m1. 31.1.1836, Johanna Isaksdotter Domarbacka, b. 1807
Children - Matts, Isak

m2. date unknown, Anna Sanna Nilsdotter b. 16.7.1818, Vexala
Children - Nils, Kajsa Stina, Anders, Anna Sanna (2), Matts

m3. date unknown, Sanna Kajsa Eriksdotter, b. 8.9.1827
Childe - Johanna

Thank you and have a great evening,

22-03-05, 01:43
Here is a few records I found that may be the ones you are looking for.

6.7.1804 Terijärvi Sågslampi Bds.ungk. Matts Johansson Bd.dr Catharina Henriksdr Terijärvi Backman

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child
23.11.1806 24.11.1806 Sågslampi Matts Johansson Chaisa Hindricsdr 25 Andreas
14.9.1808 15.9.1808 Sågslampi Matts Johansson Chaisa Hindricsdr 27 Anna (+ 29/9 1808)
26.4.1812 26.4.1812 Sågslampi Matts Johansson Chaisa Hindricsdr 30 Anna
30.3.1815 31.3.1815 Sågslampi Matts Johansson Chaisa Henricsdr 34 Mathias
8.4.1816 9.4.1816 Sågslampi Matts Johansson Chaisa Henricsdr 36 Margaretha

Perhaps this one?

Kaustinen - Kaustby - married

Married Village Farm Man Wife Village Farm
10.9.1852 Bd.s. Matts Mattss. Köyhäjoki Bd.Dr:u Anna Greta Nils d:r Forsnabba

And perhaps this one?

Esse - Ähtävä - married

Married Village Farm Man Wife Village Farm
27.11.1859 Lappfors Nygård Bd.enkl. Matts Mattsson Tp.ea. Anna Caisa Ericsdr Lappfors Forsbacka

Marty Neva

LoriAnn Pawlik
22-03-05, 17:20
Hi Marty,
The ones with Chaisa Henricsdotter are mine. From what I understand, Matts Mattson Sagslampi, born in March 1815, d. 23.2.1886, perhaps Munsala? He married:

1st- Johanna Isaksdotter Domarbacka, b. 27.12.1807, died 25.5.1841 - not sure where, perhaps Munsala.

2nd - Anna Sanna Nilsdotter Svartnas, b. 16.7.1818, d. 12.5.1864, birth in Vexala, death place not sure.

3rd - Sanna Kajsa Eriksdotter Helsing (not sure where the Helsing came from as I'm not familiar w/ that farm), b. 8.9.1827, died 29.6.1871.

It is all the children of these marriages that I'm concentrating on for the moment, but those years of 1860-early 1900s are tough for me to figure out.

Lori :)

June Pelo
22-03-05, 18:16
I have some Helsing names from Munsala - part of the Räf family.


LoriAnn Pawlik
24-03-05, 15:05
Hi June,
It is Sanna Kajsa Eriksdotter Helsing b. 8.9.1827, daughter of Erik Gabrielsson Helsing & Beata Helena Johansdotter Pelat. I have found info for Erik & Beata's children - there were 11! I have two possibilities for Erik's parents but nothing for Beata's. Are these people part of your database possibly? I do not get very far on any of my searches - even Hiski for these two.
Thanks & have a great day,
Lori Pawlik :)