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Karen Norwillo
21-03-05, 22:27
Is there anyway to track a family that left Finland to Sweden when I have no idea where they lived in Finland? Johan Andersson Lind, 25 Jul 1854 in Levene, Sweden and Gustafva Sofia Källgren Lind, 1 Nov 1860 in Gryt, Södermanland, Sweden. Apparently, they moved to Finland at some point between 1878-1881 and then returned there on 5 June 1881 to Grängarde, Kopparsbergs län. This is from info received from Swenson. Thanks, Karen N

21-03-05, 23:07
Now these are Swedish born people, is that correct?
And they traveled to Finland and then returned to Sweden, am I reading you correctly?

If that's the situation, then try anbytarforum here:


Karen Norwillo
22-03-05, 22:40
Chuck,That is correct. They were born in Sweden, came to Finland, returned to Sweden and then emigrated to Michigan in 1883. I have tried Anbytarforum, but no luck so far. Swenson suggests I order the parish records for Gryt parish. The reason I'm searching is that I believe Gustafva was the daughter of the wife of my great-uncle. She was married before and I'm trying to trace her. I have alot of "bits and pieces " of info, but nothing complete as yet. I'm not sure why I'm getting obsessed with tying up loose ends, she's not a blood relative, but you all understand. Never can have too much info. Karen

Kaj Granlund
27-03-05, 13:20
If they really moved to Finland for that period, one possibility could be to Viborg in Karelia OR even to St Petersburg as those were the cities where many moved those days, unless they went to some of the growing industrycities/areas like Tammerfors, Kotka, Villmanstrand. But difficult to start the search with just that information. Suppose they needed a passport to leave for Finland as we were a part of Russia, Maybe some passportregister could be helpful too???

27-03-05, 18:30
What town in Michigan?

It's likely Swenson had already checked that church for you.
Swenson also has the emigranten cd which likely they have checked but I wonder if they looked at the old emigranten films of index cards and typed pages.

Jill helped me find somebody by doing that. The emigranten cd didn't help but the old one was very useful.

As far as anby is concerned, if you haven't tried yet, you might want to try in the "landskap" area - I learned about that being better than the general discussions in english. A friend I suggested that to was given an answer right away so some ppl just stick to that area and don't look at the discussions in english.


Karen Norwillo
28-03-05, 21:48
Chuck, The family emigrated to Ishpeming. Gustafva and John were members of the Swedish Covenant church. Surprisingly, he joined in 1915 and she in 1926. He died in 1925 and there was no date of death for her. I have a copy of the page from Swenson.I've used Landskap many times for lookups.

29-03-05, 01:44
That could mean she died before 1930 or moved to a different county.

I also checked Anderson as well as Lind


Karen Norwillo
29-03-05, 23:12
Chuck, She was still alive in 1930. I found her on E. Michigan St, Marquette Co. Ishpeming, line 37, Lind, Gustava S, age 69. daughter Elin and son-in-law Gust Carlson and their son Raymond live with her. Seems she used both names, Gustafva and Sofia. Wonder if her death could be under Sofia? Karen

30-03-05, 01:01
The online census always seemed ok to be because our town was there:)

52-3 Ely Township 15A-19A 1A-5A Ray Havnen Betty Havnen
BRIEF 52-4 Ewing Township 20A-22B 1A-3A Ray Havnen Betty Havnen
BRIEF 52-5 Forsyth Township and Gwinn Village 23A-46A 1A-46A Ray Havnen Betty Havnen
BRIEF 52-35 Richmond Township and Palmer Village 272A-283B 1A-12B Ray Havnen Betty Havnen
BRIEF 52-36 Sands Township 284A-285B 1A-2B Ray Havnen Betty Havnen
. 52-37 Skandia Township . . . .
. 52-38 Tilden Twp and National Mine Village . . . .
BRIEF 52-39 Turin Township 174A-178B 1A-5B Ray Havnen Betty Havnen
BRIEF 52-40 Wells Township 179A-185A 1A-7A Ray Havnen Betty Havnen
BRIEF 52-41 West Branch Township 186A-188B 1A-3B Ray Havnen

So sorry to mislead you. The _partial.txt revealed that only the above townships had been transcribed.
It would have been so much clearer had that information been listed at the very top of the county page and then when it was finally completed, That could have been removed.

I may have misled ppl about this census before.

M. Waters
30-03-05, 21:55
For those who seek the Linds: I went to the Ishpeming cemetery this morning and found the burial records for John Lind and also Gustava. Their card also included birth dates, death dates, and burial dates, cause of death, and funeral director, etc.

Contrary to what someone said, they had not been members of the Ishpeming Mission Covenant Church (nor the Negaunee church, which merged into it), since I went to the church and searched the old books with the pastor. But if, as you say, you have a copy of the page from Swenson, which concentrates on Lutheran Churches, perhaps they belonged to a Lutheran church for a while. I haven't had the time to check them all yet.

The Covenant Records will be at North Park University in Chicago, Illinois. If anyone needs the complete cemetery record, and a list of all the other Linds in Ishpeming from 1886 to 1945, please e-mail me directly. Midge.

31-03-05, 00:39


I took this from the Swenson list online so here's that url for anybody who needs it:
It is for USA and Canada



Karen Norwillo
01-04-05, 20:04
Got two answers from Anbytarforum posting. Confirmation of Lind and Källgren facts. Now all I need is to find a marriage record for Johanna Sofia Källgren and my ggreat-uncle Lars Johan Larsson in Ishpeming. 1894 era, probably. Thanks to Midge for her kindness and efforts. Karen N