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June Pelo
22-03-05, 18:38
I have a request from Emil Nyberg for help about his ancestors in Finland. His info is sketchy:

His father was Emil Enierd Nyberg, b. in Braddock, ND, to Oscar J. Nyberg who landed in Boston in March 1892 at age 19. Could be born in Solan, near Turku.

Emil married Josephine Korkiakoski, b. Happajärvi - her mother's name was Autio.

Emil Enierd Nyberg married Hilda Nikkila, daughter of Edward Nikkila and Ida Sallenen from Tornio. Hilda was born 12 Jul 1907 in Gakael, ND. Edward Nikkila was born near Hancock, MI to Henry Nikkila from Oulu, who was maried to a woman from Norway.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate hearing from you.



June Pelo
22-03-05, 18:43
Correction: Oscar Nyberg (not Emil) married Josephine Korkiakoski.


22-03-05, 23:10
At the lutheran church in Bismarck, ND, I did not find them - it's the nearest Swedish lang church to Braddock.
At the 3 Swedish lang churches in Houghton County- Hancock, Calumet, and Dollar Bay, I had equally negative results.

I looked at baptismal records after nothing showed up in the member lists.
I found several Nyberg (Newberg) ppl in the Calumet church but no matches to this thread.

Perhaps somebody can find them in another town in the UP? If so, I can try those churches.


June Pelo
23-03-05, 01:54
Chuck, thanks. From the names given, I would assume this family was Finnish-speaking, so they would have attended a Finnish church - or maybe they didn't belong to a church. Emil said they lived on a farm near Braddock.

Emil now mentions that Oscar was born in Salon pitäjä, near Turku. I have searched and cannot find a place with that name. Is it a city, farm, parish?? If I knew which parish would have records, I'd write to them..


June Pelo
23-03-05, 02:12
Emil Nyberg wrote that Oscar Nyberg married Josephine Korkiakoski in Hati, SD and they moved to a farm near Braddock, ND. They had 7 children, 5 of whom lived: Amanda, Emil, Frank, Armas and Eddie. Emil Enierd was Emil's father.


23-03-05, 02:53
The list from the genealogical society of Finland has ths place:

Braddock - Suomi Synod

I would say that the family had their children baptised at this church - I have looked at the listings at


but it is difficult to ascertain what they might have available.

If the Hancock center has the Braddock Suomi Synod church books, this is the place to go for further information.

EDIT: I don't see anything about the Autio name in the postings. I have several Autio ppl on the UP dbase.
EDIT EDIT: Oh, there it is..."her mother's name was Autio":)

Good luck,

Paivi T
23-03-05, 16:08
In HisKI, Salo belongs to area 2: Varsinais-Suomi, Egentliga Finland.

According to the "additional information" on the parish of Salo, Salo used to be part of Uskela parish until 1906. So, perhaps the place to look for further information is Uskela.

-- It is a shame that the additional information on parishes doesn't seem to be available in English.

Hope this helps at least a little bit.

Päivi T

June Pelo
23-03-05, 21:47
Here's the latest on Oscar Nyberg:

Oscar and his wife were founding members of the Apostolic church in Kyntire.

I found the graves of Oscar and his wife in the Finnish cemetery there. His headstone:
Oscar E. Nyberg, b. 1 Nov 1868, d. 7 Dec 1727.

Josephine's headstone: b. 24 Jul 1874, d. 3 Mar 1925.

I tried to find a birth record in Hiski for an Oscar, b. 1 Nov 1868 - didn't find one, but did find 107 Oscars born in 1868. And the same for Josephine Korkiakoski Nyberg, couldn't find her anywhere on Hiski, b. 24 Jul 1874. She is supposedly born in Haapajärvi.

As for Oscar's birthplace in Salon pitäjä, someone said it was located between Turku/Åbo and Hangö. And someone living in Åbo said there is a city Salo near there, but he didn't think it had ever been known as Salon pitäjä, which he thought was near Raahe and Pyhajärvi. I tried to find it on several maps, but they're all in Finnish and I couldn't understand what I was supposed to do. Anyway, I'll have to tell Emil Nyberg that I haven't been able to locate anything in Finland about his grandparents.

Thanks for your help.


23-03-05, 22:12
Here's the bit from the gen site in Fi:
"Kintyre - National
Kintyren Kansallisseurakunta
Founded in 1921 and joined immediately the Finnish National Evangelical Lutheran Church. There has not been any activities lately because members have moved away from Kintyre. No church.
[Source: Kansalliskirkko 1949, p. 340]"

That explains why nothing in the Swedish archives here in town:)


24-03-05, 10:14
Hej June,
I know you are seeking parish information in Finland but I wondered if any of these may help lead back to Finland.

I found Hayti is in Hamlin County, SD.
In the 1910 census I found a listing in South Dakota for
NIKKILA Henry age 67 b. Fin Hamlin County, Cleveland Twp,
T624-roll 1481 part 1 page 223 A SD
Could this be Oscar Nyberg?
BERG,Oscar,36,M,W,Fin,TOWNER,LAKEVIEW,1148,1,312A, ND

From the Gen Society of Finland Emigration, United States, Indexes, North Dakota and South Dakota
Pioneer Members of the Old Apostolic Finnish Lutheran Church in Savo Township and the James River Country Church, South Dakota.Typed by Jim Himanga, Houston Texas.
Nikkila, Henry wife Great Kaisa (Frank)
Nikkila, Herman wife Elsa Gustava (Koivupalo)
Holmstrom, Emanuel Frederick wife Anna Greta (Nikkila). Second wife Kaisa Maria (Hyrkas)
Korpua, John Jacob wife Kaisa Maria (Nikkila)
Jolma, Johan wife Anna Greta (Nikkila)

I found two Nikkila families in the Finnish Apostolic Church Records for Salo Twp creating difficulties establishing which family each child confirmed belongs to.

Confirmation Records for the Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Church, Savo Township, Dakota Territory. The church was built 1884 and restored 1972-1973. Records are from the Dedication Brochure of May 28, 1973. Typed by Jim Himanga, Houston Texas.

March 25, 1886
Instructors were Rev. N. P. Starkka, Rev. Carl Daniels and Henry Nikkila

March 30, 1891 Confirmed by N. P. Starkka
Johan Henrik Nikkila

March 27, 1892 Confirmed by N. P. Starkka
Johan Edward Nikkila
Axel Herman Nikkila

March 26, 1894 Confirmed by Rev. N. P. Starkka
Hilda Katrina Nikkila

March 17, 1895 Confirmed by Rev. N. P. Starkka
Waldemar Nikkila
Kristian Nikkila

March 12, 1898 Confirmed by Rev. N. P. Starkka
Elizabeth Nikkila

March 18, 1900 Confirmed by Rev. N. P. Starkka
Leewi Nikkila

At the North Dakota Naturalization site
Nyberg Oscar b. Finland Nov 14, 1902 1st papers County Burleigh
Vol D-3 Page 469

Confirmation Classes of Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Wing, North Dakota
Source: P. 26-30 in: Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church. Wing, North Dakota. 50th Anniversary 1908-1958. 10th Anniversary of Merger 1948-1958. Washburn, North Dakota 1958, 30 p.
Class of 1924 - G. Autio, Pastor
Also listed as Pastor for the classes of 1926 & 1930.
Could this be a sibling of Josephine wife of Oscar Nyberg?

Confirmation History for the Savo Lutheran Church, Frederick, South Dakota
From the brochure for the 100th anniversary of the Savo Lutheran Church.
Typed by Jim Himanga, Houston Texas.
1924 -1930 Rev. Y. Autio and another?


Edited to add Korpua, John Jacob wife Kaisa Maria (Nikkila)
Jolma, Johan wife Anna Greta (Nikkila) and Holmstrom, Emanuel Frederick wife Anna Greta (Nikkila). Second wife Kaisa Maria (Hyrkas)as Pioneer members of Savo Twp church above.

June Pelo
24-03-05, 22:05

I think you've found something of interest. Emil remembers that Henry Nikkila was married to a woman whose last name was Frank - and I saw Henry and his wife listed in your data. I'll forward this data to Emil and see if it refreshes his memory.

Thanks a million.


25-03-05, 06:23
Hi June,
Here are all the Autio people I could find in the 1910 census
Surname,GivenName,Age,Sex,Race,Birthplace,County,L ocality,T624Roll,Part,Page,Subpage,State


June Pelo
25-03-05, 20:57
Thanks again, Jeanette. You are as busy as a bee.