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LoriAnn Pawlik
25-03-05, 02:44
Hi everyone,
Nils (possibly Niklas) Mattson Ohls, b. 17.7.1843, d. 22.3.1920 married Ana Mickelsdotter Sund. He was a farmer at Ohls, Munsala. Family in Munsala, America, Canada.

These are the known children b. in Munsala, I think - but dead ends trying to find what became of them:

1. Matts Vilhelm, b. 30.1.1871, died possibly Manistique, MI 1917?

2. Niklas Alfred Westerlund, b. 12.2.1876, married Maria Lovisa Johansdotter Westerlund (& took her name?), moved to US (when/where?) & had 6 children: Cecelia, Helmi, Signe married Warnstrom, Ellen married Jakob Achren, Canada), Hilda, & Otto

3. Anders August Nilsson, b. 7.12.1877, married Anna Frilund, moved to US (when/where?). Children: Anna married in Canada to Mathias Ahlstedt, Anders Wilhelm, Tekla Alina & Dagmar Adina married Anders Westberg in Oravias.

4. Johan Jakob Nilsson, b. 7.8.1880, visited America, married Ida Maria Simonsdotter Trask in Munsala. Two children: Runar Johannes Nilsson & Evert Lennart Nilsson.

5. Karl William Nilsson, b. 26.1.1888. Farmer in Munsala. Married 1 -Tekla Kristina Jakobsdotter Damskata. Children: Svea married Harald Ronn, Sven, Gota. Married 2 - Lovisa Amanda. Children: Nils Ake, Tor Martin & Svante Sigurd.

These are fairly recent, but I don't know if there are records to search online for the turn of the century & just after for Finland or Canada. I'm trying to search the US censuses but it is difficult. I keep hitting roadblocks in immigration too.

Thanks for letting me share!
Lori Pawlik :) :confused:

Karen Norwillo
25-03-05, 23:43
Lori, On the Emigrant Register, I found Niklas Alfred Nilsson Ohls, born 1876, Munsala, left Finland 9.9.1896 destination "abroad" There were many other Ohls entries. I will go back and take a closer look. Karen N

Karen Norwillo
26-03-05, 00:27
Here are some more entries from Emigrant Register that may be yours. Anders August Ohls, born 1877, married, Lutheran, Munsala, issued passport 31 Oct 1902, left Finland 5 Nov 1902 on SS Polaris, left England 12 Nov 1902 on SS Majestic destination Manistique, MI. Left wife and 1 child in Finland.
Several entries for John Ohls and Johan Jacob Ohls. First, left at age 19 SS Arcturus 11 Nov 1899 for Manistique, MI. Second entry, age 26, left Hanko for Wardner, Idaho on SS Astraea 25 Aug 1906, left England on SS St Paul 1 Sep 1906. Both match his 1880 DOB.
Karl Ohls, born 1888, single, Lutheran, home parish Vyri, issued passport 5 Nov 1909. No destination except Amerika. Didn't find a match on the passenger lists. But usually they left within a short time.
Hope this helps. Karen

LoriAnn Pawlik
27-03-05, 04:43
Hi Karen,
Thank you so much! It definitely gives me an idea of what last names I should be searching for on this side of the pond.
Have a great weekend,
Lori :)

29-03-05, 22:47
Bottom line is that I did not find anybody named Ohls at either church.

I checked membership indexes. I checked baptismal lists and funeral lists so if any of those ministerial acts were done, they were not done at the lutheran churches in those towns. Swenson has films for no other churches in Schoolcraft County.

Swenson did not have a church in the county of Wardner Idaho nor the county close by that town - it was near the western edge of the county so nothing helpful there.


16-04-05, 00:47
There is something in my database about them. See the attachment.

BR Arne

The attachment removed. Request by Arne N. because it contained information about living persons./Hasse

16-04-05, 01:02
at Swenson 219 = Schoolcraft County, Manistique, Zion Lutheran
Pos Given names Surname Other names Born Parish Em Church

13h Jakob Dahlsvik Mar 17 1868 Nykarleby 1894 219
13w Johanna Mattsdotter Jul 16 1868 Nykarleby 1899 219

I noticed Johanna on the rtf document (Johanna Mattsdotter Sundqvist. Fdd 16.7.1868 i Rutas, Vexala, Munsala. Dd 4.1.1945 i Manistique, Schoolcraft, MI USA.)
and thought to see if I didn't miss her and here she is as written in the church record.
Anybody who wishes to access the UP of Michigan dbase, just go into Delphi at the top of the page, write granskare into the search box and then the work of Kaj Granlund and I will appear for you to see. Just scroll until you find the county of preference, click and seach. The item identifed as, for example, #17h means this person is a husband and found on page 17 of the membersbook on the film - important for further searching at Swenson because it saves a lot of time.

edit: hmm, I added the rtf entry about Johanna and I notice a different husband but sometimes parish names will be reported differently.



LoriAnn Pawlik
17-04-05, 04:32
Thanks for all the information! I saw your info, Karen, & thanks.

Arne, I just saw your information & promptly printed it all out to compare with what I have. Thank you so much for sending it to me! Do you know who the compiler of the information is? I would like to give credit in my notes. Johanna from Tab. 1 is my Great-Grandmother. I don't know how I missed your post for so long... didn't mean to be rude!

Chuck, you mention about a different husband? I don't see that (unless it is the Dalsvik - just misspelled, I guess, although Jakob surely wasn't born with that as a surname), but in her burial record, there is a different name noted on there & I don't know where it came from. Where did you see a different name? I looked in the Delphi collection under your name, saw the Zion Lutheran records, but ?

Thanks again, everyone.
Lori :)

17-04-05, 04:44
This is what is at Delphi:
# Dahlsvik, Jakob
B: Mar 17 1868 P: Nykarleby #: 13h E: 1894

* Johanna
B: Jul 16 1868 P: Nykarleby O: Mattsdotter #: 13w E: 1899

OK, Hasse rearraned it so B = born, E=emigrated, P=parish, #=book and page on the swenson reel plus person's position with a family, h=husband, w=wife, etc.

I will go to Swenson next week and check it out - I have been known to make mistakes before. Mostly it's because I thought I was wrong when I was correct

19-04-05, 15:39
Hi, sorry for slow answering. In this list I can't see what information I sent to you in March. If you can show a copy of it I'll tell the origin. You can also contact mee directly via e-mail arne.nylund*pp.inet.fi

BR Arne

19-04-05, 15:46
Sorry, you ment the one posted on 29-03-05 22:47.

A major part of it comes via Birgit Dahlbacka in Munsala who has searched Munsala church records. Some comes from questioning the listed persons, some from other sources. If required, I can give my sources for each of the individuals listed in the document.

BR Arne

19-04-05, 19:56
Here is a fotocopy of the page where I found Dalsvik and Mattsdotter.

I believe you had a query elsewhere at sfhs about Dalsvik.