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25-03-05, 03:59
Beside my 2nd great grandfather's name in the Rippikirjat in the notes column at far right are the words har i? immisf or hår i? immisf or hår i? immiss (last letter old style s) The writing is difficult to make out.

Any idea what this means? Thanks in advance.

25-03-05, 08:14
In the note column in the Rippikirjat for my 3rd great grandfather is the phrase
Plikt f.l.ng fylleri s.frovd

I know Plikt means a fine, and f.l.ng may be a licence, but from there my translation book fails me.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Kaj Granlund
25-03-05, 12:50
I might be wrong but the second one seems like beeing fined for the first time been drunk in public and using swearwords.