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02-04-05, 19:11
Searching for information on husband's family. His ggf was Carl Johan Johansson Westerback, born 16.01.1846 in Pjelax, died in 19.10.1919 in Storon Kristinestad, ggf was Maria Kristina Carl Eriksdr. Boling, born 12.06.1854 in Bole, died in 11.03.1938 in Storon, Kristinestad. Sorry my keyboard is not allowing me to type in Swedish alphabet. We have some family info up to that date but nothing for earlier dates.

02-04-05, 20:31
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03-04-05, 18:23
Hi Ann-Mari~
Here's some info from HisKi database.

from Närpes Parish:
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

16.2.1846 18.2.1846 Pjelax Inh. Johan Carls: Vesterback Maja Lisa Eriksdr 35 Carl Johan

And the record for the mother also from Närpes:
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

12.6.1854 12.6.1854 Böhle Trp. Carl Erik Eriks: Maria Christina 27 Maria Xstina

With these details it should be fairly easy to trace these ancestors back on HisKi. Carl's mother's age is 35 so her birth record should be around 1810-11. Maria's mother was 27 in 1854 so her birth record should be around 1826-1827.

If you're uncertain how to navigate HisKi, let us know and we'll be happy to go into more details.

03-04-05, 21:59
Thank you for your response. Any suggestions in navigating HisKi would be sincerely appreciated. Had a quick look but somehow got into Finnish language and that is a certain "no go" for me.


04-04-05, 04:07
Hi Ann-Mari,

Try clicking on this link to take you directly to the Närpes parish search page: http://www.genealogia.fi/hiski/klp15t?en+0364

To search for birth records, click "Christened", for Marriage records, click "Married". Närpes is only covered in Hiski for the years 1760-1855 (Christened) and 1760-17779 (Married) so you'll have to work with those years initially. No Buried records appear so you'll have to wait for those to finish being transcribed.

I know nothing of this parish so maybe someone more knowledgeable than I could enlighten you as to additional history (did it belong to another parish earlier so you could search there? etc etc).

I'll go on to HisKi and see what I can rummage up for you regarding the previous posting.

04-04-05, 04:37
Here are some more children of Johan & Maja Lisa Westerback:
27.2.1848 29.2.1848 Pjelax Husman. Johan Carls: Westerback Maja Lisa 38 Josef Anders
23.2.1851 25.2.1851 Pjelax á Råtts Inh. Johan Westerback Maja Lisa 41 Johanna Sofia
28.12.1853 30.12.1853 Pjelax Råtts Inh. Johan Westerback Maja Lisa 43 Victor

And Maria Christina's siblings:
12.12.1850 15.12.1850 Böle Trps. Carl Eriks: Böhling Maria Christina Jacobsdr 23 Carl Johan
3.4.1852 4.4.1852 Böhle Trps. Karl Erikss: Böling Maja Stina Jacobsdr 24 Matts Wilh.

This looks like a good candidate for Maria Christina's parents:
9.5.1827 11.5.1827 Gåttböle Bs. Jac. Eriks: Bärnas Maria Henriksdr 1807 maja Stina

I only searched Närpes parish so it's possible they moved in from somewhere else (Westerbacks). I also tried previous marriages for either but didn't see anything obvious. Seems strange to me that there weren't more children born earlier.

It's also tougher when there aren't marriage records or death records available. You'll probably want to order rippikirjat films from you local Family History Center (Mormon Church). That's always best anyway to check data against the original records. That will also provide more information that you can use to trace them back further.