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Elsie Carpenter
03-04-05, 01:22
Hello! I've recently discovered my grandparents were not Swedish, but rather Swedish-speaking folks living in Finland. This happened when member Alice Finnerty obtained my name and wrote requesting information about my grandmother, her grandfather's sister.
Hopefully someone can help me track my ancestors further back. What I do know about my grandfather Anders Viktor Andersson (Jansson) is that he was born 26 Sept 1872, from Pehrs, Ostenso, Pedersore. He died 29 Sept 1909, I believe in Idaho. I have his Certificate of Citizenship dated 11 Sept 1900 from Wallace, Shoshone County, Idaho. He worked in the mining industry, and family history says he died of lung disease associated with mining.
I would love to know anything about his background, and parents.
Grandma's name was Ida Johanna Andersdotter, from Jassgark farm in Esse. Daughter of Crofter Anders Andersson (born 22 April 1843, died 31 January 1922) and Lisa Johansdotter (from Humla, born 17 August 1843, died 24 August 1916).
Any leads on how and where to search would be appreciated. I'm so new at this, right now am not sure I'm writing their names correctly! Thanks so much, Elsie.

04-04-05, 21:21
Hello and welcome to the forum! I have a lot of your family in my files and Dahlin Christian have the same names to.I have send a lot to Alice to so maybe you have got almost of the names already.I hope you enjoy the Finlander Forum.Here are something for all "taste" :D

Elsie Carpenter
04-04-05, 22:53
Bert, thank you for the warm welcome! Alice was right when she said there's so much information members are willing to share.

Christian Dahlin offered to send information too, I look forward to receiving it.

Hopefully I too will have something to share in the future.


June Pelo
04-04-05, 23:46
Shirley King has Anders Andersson Jossgårk and his wife Lisa Johansdotter Hummelholm in her database, too.