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Elsie Carpenter
04-04-05, 00:40
The Ellis Island website has helped me track my grandmother and two of her children to America, but I can't find my grandfather, who I understand came to America before 1900 (became a citizen in 1900). I know there were other ports of entry - are there websites I can search?
I'm really new to all this and can use any advice!
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04-04-05, 00:55
I can check church microfilms if you can supply the name of the person being sought, the town/county/state to which he emigrated. Date of birth is important as well.

Kevin has some magic that he does with non Ellis Island ppl so post what you know.

If he/they joined a Swedish speaking church, we can find them and that will give us a lot to go on.

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Alice Finnerty
04-04-05, 01:03
Welcome to Finlander Forum - This will be the best site you have ever been to! Give them as much history and names as you can and see the magic!

Elsie Carpenter
06-04-05, 01:12
So sorry Chuck, I started a new thread when I thought I was responding to your post. So here is what I know about my grandfather Anders.

1. From my cousin who visited Finland a few years ago. He received this information from his second cousin who had a position in the Lutheran church. At the top of the page is typed: "Pa Jassgark i Esse levde". Following is what's typed under the section about my grandmother Ida:

"Ida Johanna Jassgark, b. 15.2.1875 i Esse, for 4.4.1898 till Amerika. Vigdes 1900 till sitt forsta aktenskap med Anders Viktor Andersson (Jansson), b. 26.9.1872 d. 29.9.1909, fran Pehrs, Ostenso, Pedersore." This is where I get his name, birth and death information.

2. I have Ander's Certificate of Citizenship. It is dated 11 Sept 1900 in Wallace, Shoshone County, Idaho. Here he uses Andrew Victor Johnson as his name.

3. On my mother's birth certificate, dated 26 December 1902, he uses Anders Viktor Jansson as his name, and Pedersore, Finland as his birthplace.

I don't know when he emigrated from Finland or where in America he was going to. I don't know what church he might have been affiliated with, but he was a miner/foreman in Burke, and also owned stock in the Wasa Mining Company.

I hope this helps. Others in Finlander Forum are trying to help me too, and I wish I could be more specific about which name to use, but I just don't know!

Thanks for any help!


06-04-05, 01:42
I remember this one so maybe Hasse can fix this and add it to the other post?