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Elsie Carpenter
04-04-05, 02:19
Well now, I'm going to get this right this time (hit the wrong button a bit ago). Need clarification: am I replying to both of the two previous posts?
Here's what I know about grandpa:
Anders Viktor Andersson (Jansson), born 26 Sept 1872, died 29 Sept 1909, from Pehrs, Ostenso, Pedersore. I assume he emigrated before 1900 since I have his Certificate of Citizenship dated 11 Sept 1900, issued at Wallace, Shoshone County, Idaho. His surname appears as Johnson on the document; he was a miner.
He married Ida Johanna Jassgark 29 Sept 1900 in Burke, Idaho. She was born 15 February 1875 in Esse, left for America 4 April 1898 (can't find her at Ellis Island site either).
Most of the above information is from second cousin Glen Wells who obtained it from his second cousin in Finland who had a position in the Lutheran Church.
Thank you Cousin Alice for steering me to Finlander Forum, and for getting me started on family history!
I appreciate any and all help.

04-04-05, 04:13

While trying to locate Burke, I found this website with 2 pictures of Burke and a description of the place. It was located 7 miles north of Wallace. Here's a fun snippet from the story:)
"...Burke's most famous building was the 150 room Tiger Hotel. Not only was the Tiger built over a creek, but it also had a train tunnel running through its center and a road running under its west end...."

The closest Swedish language churches were located in Troy (Latah Co), Spokane, Washington across the western border with nothing across the eastern border into Montana.
I also found on the genealogy site in Finland a Finnish church in Kingston which is only about 15 miles west of Wallace. This could be the place where they married, had their kids baptized, and attended services. Unfortunately, Swenson Center does not have that film but perhaps the Finnish center in Hancock, MI has something.


04-04-05, 22:17
Jossgårk, Ida Johanna is in my (and Bert Lindvalls) database. We have information about her ancestors some generations back. Perhaps the best way is to give your e-mailaddress so I can mail you a gedcom-file with the information.

We seem to be from the same family tree...

Christian Dahlin, Pedersöre, Finland

Elsie Carpenter
04-04-05, 23:36
Chuck, thank you for the website, I will check it out.
I have pictures of grandma Ida before her marriage and also on her wedding day to Anders, both taken at the Barnard Studio in Wallace. Burke must have been very small, but an interesting town. I will check out the Hancock, MI Finnish Center. Are you aware of their email address?

Christian, how wonderful that you have more information about Ida and her ancestors. Here is my email address: lne*compuplus.net.
I'm confused. Is Jassgark the Swedish spelling? Is Jossgark the Finnish spelling?

Thank you,


June Pelo
05-04-05, 00:54

I assume Jossgårk is Swedish since it appeared in the Swedish-speaking area of Finland.

I notice you live in Polson, MT. I visited there many years ago with a relative Betty Johansen - we went to visit her Nyberg relatives there - they were part of my mother's father's family.


05-04-05, 07:55

The name Jossgårk is Swedish spelling. We have a place in Esse called Jossgårk, from which I suppose the Jossgårk-families came. But there is no one named Jossgårk here anymore.

I'm a little confused myself about this name Jossgårk, because it's a little bit strange. The first part "Joss" may come from the name "Jåfs", which is a little bit more common here in western Finland. The second part "Gårk" is very strange for me. Perhaps someone else can explain this thing better. I suppose that Kaj Granlund could be one.

Your database is coming...


Gita Wiklund
05-04-05, 15:05
Hi Elsie,

I´m a little bit confused - Is it Anders Viktor Andersson or Anders Viktor Jansson? Some more information around this could perhaps be of help when searching.

// Gita

05-04-05, 16:01
Johnsson or Andersson?

This is a problem when looking for ancestors from Finland. Actually, this man came from a farm named Pehrs in Östensö, and according to that he used "Pehrs" as his lastname in Finland to tell people from were he was. If his father's name was Anders, he became "Anders' son" and his complete name became "Andersson Pehrs".

But in my family tree I have several persons who moved to America and the same way changed their names. It may be that this man started to use the name Johnsson in America.

Anyway, it seems that we have traced this man here in his home village. There are genealogists who have a lots of ínformation about the Pehrs-family, including Anders Johan Anderssson Pehrs.

Hope that we can deliver more information soon to Elsie!

Elsie Carpenter
06-04-05, 00:31
Gita, thank you for trying to help explain this name changing business our ancestors often did when they came to America (or once they settled here). I have Ander's Certificate of Citizenship dated 11 Sept 1900, from Wallace, Shoshone County, Idaho. On this document his name appears as Andrew Victor Johnson. On my mother's birth certificate (26 Dec 1902) he used the name Anders Viktor Jansson, and listed his birthplace as Pedersore, Finland.

I need to clarify how I've come up with his name. My second cousin visited Finland a few years ago. His second cousin there had a position in the Lutheran church, and gave him the information I'm using. Typed below is the part which refers to my grandfather Anders:

"Ida Johanna Jassgark, b. 15.2.1875 i Esse, for 4.4.1898 till Amerika. Vigdes 1900 till sitt forsta aktenskap med Anders Viktor Andersson (Jansson), b. 26.9.1872 d. 29.9.1909, fran Pehrs, Ostenso, Pedersore."

So I don't know which name to use while he was in Finland, Andersson or Jansson, maybe Jansson since he changed this to Johnson on his Certificate of Citizenship in America?

Has any of this helped?


06-04-05, 04:47
I found Anders in the 1900 census in Burk Precinct, Shoshone Co, ID. According to that record, he immigrated in 1892. That's the first year that Ellis Island records appear. I'm not certain which month in 1892 the began so it's possible even though it's the same year that he arrived before Ellis Island records start.

I know you have one citizenship document but have you checked into others? Possibly one of those might list his port of arrival. I know on my g-grandfather's Declaration of Intent it was listed.

Anyway, here's the census image--

Gita Wiklund
06-04-05, 14:24
It´s just that to me it seems somwhat strange to change from Andersson to Jansson or Johnson.
From Jansson to Johnson seems reasonable though.


Kaj Granlund
06-04-05, 21:31
Sorry I didn't reply earlier. "I met the spring in Paris" last week so no time for computors.
I don't know the orgin of the name of Jossgårk. It is indeed a strange name. My suggestion is that the name Joss might come from a male christinaname maybe Johan, Göran or something like that. Often the names weren't used as such but there were nicknames used for the persons sometimes based on their christian name. So Johan or Göran was transformed to Joss... And that the second part "gårk" could be the same word as in the word "gård" =house. Simply meaning "the house of Joss" This conclusion is my theory based on the fact that in Esse we have a lot of names ending with "-folk" meaning the people of e specifik farm.
I agree with Gita about tha namechange it seems stange, but sometimes there was no reason why they took the name they did in USA. I've seen more strange changes than yours.

June Pelo
06-04-05, 21:53
I have an article in Delphi about the origin and definition of place names at:

There is a definition of Jossgårk there. There are definitions of other names of interest, too.


Elsie Carpenter
04-06-05, 06:04
My thanks to all of you for helping me "find" my grandfather Anders, and answering my questions.

Very soon I'll travel to Wallace and Burke, Idaho where my grandparents were married and lived. Burke is now a ghost town, but in Wallace I plan to check and see if they have any records on where my grandfather died, or is buried.

It seems that finding an answer to one question brings up more questions!

Again, my sincere thanks.


Shirley King
27-06-05, 07:37
Hej Elsie,
When are you planning on going to Wallace. I have wanted to go there for some time now because we have pictures of great Uncle Alfred and great aunt Anna from that studio too. It is also close to Mullan, Idaho, where Matts Leander (my grandpa) went on one of his trips to America. I am intriqued about the area and I wonder what took all the Jossgark klan there, especially when they all ended up in Michigan and Washington! I know there was mining there, but I am curious to find out which one of the siblings were the first to arrive. I can't make it up there this summer, but wouldn't it be cool if we could meet there?

27-06-05, 08:06
Familjen som bor på Jossgårk idag heter Carlstedt.
Jag minns den gamla gården som nu är riven och ersatt med en ny .. modernare.

The familyname Carlstedt living today at Jossgårk in Esse.