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Kaj Granlund
04-04-05, 21:00
Any information about the family of Lena Salonen born 18 Nov 1905 in Lappfjärd Finland. Died Oct 1979. Have the places Sumner Oxford/West paris/ Woodstock, Maine.

04-04-05, 21:11
"...West Paris - Congregational
There still exists a "Suomalainen Lähetyskirkko" ( Finnish Mission Church ) organization, which started many Finnish Congregational Churches in numerous states in America. ..."

This quote is from the finngen site so this is likely where they might have gone to church.

Swenson's closest Swedish church is in Portland ME so not likely a candidate.


Kaj Granlund
06-04-05, 22:23
Thanks. Obvioulsy correct. Her husband is supposed to have been finnishspeaking.

06-04-05, 23:23
I remember visiting the Finnish gen place once or twice and I think I looked for somebody on their computer but I wasn't doing gen stuff then.
I don't really know how they operate. I am a graduate of Augustana College where Swenson is located so I have free access - not free fotocopies though:(


07-04-05, 00:27
Hej Kaj,
In the 1910 census there are 6 Salonen Heads of Household in MA. Four are listed in Fitchburg, one in Worcester and one in Boston. Altogether probably 50 listings for Salonen in USA.

I'm guessing Salonen is Lenas birth name? You mentioned she had a Finnish speaking husband do you know his name? Also do you know when she emigrated? As a child with her parents?
Before or after she was married?


ps Hope Spring in Paris was magical.

07-04-05, 05:30
Hi Kaj,
Like Jeanette mentioned, if you could provide some additional details, we might be able to find her.

I did a general search on Lena born 1905 +/- 1 yr in Finland and 2 showed up in New York state. Then I did the same but for Salonen and 2 showed up there as well but neither of these were Lena.

Standing by to help with some additional details...;)

Kaj Granlund
10-04-05, 11:33
She is marrieed Salonen and born Rosenblad or might have used Erikson as unmarried (as her father was Erik).
The problem is that I haven't got much further information about her than that the deathdate is 17 Oct after being sick a long time. And that her residence or deathplace is Maine either West Paris och Sumner Oxford. She is said to have had no children.

I also found out that she emigrated from Finland in 1923, her christan name was Lina evelina, but used Lena in the USA.

And yes spring i Paris was magical. I completely changed my mind about the city.

Kaj Granlund
10-04-05, 22:20
Today I got an email telling that she might have used Irene L as her name. The emailer had the information that she resided at Water Street, Norva, Maine and died in West Paris. Do you find anything about her husband. I think she emigrated unmarried.

Kaj Granlund
11-04-05, 09:02
OH I got this today:
Irene L. Salonen 73 ,formerly a resident of Water Street Norway died Wednesday Oct 17, 1979 in a West Paris Nursing home. b. Kristine, Finland November 18, 1905 and came to this country in 1920. She married Theodore L. Salonen who died in 1963. Irene was employed by B.E. Cole Shoe in Norway for 32 years. Nearest survivor Mrs Annie Massey of Norwood, Mass. Burial Riverside Annex South Paris, Maine. Bearers Raymond Jacobson, Vieno and Thomas Heikkinen, Vieno Pike and Walter and Theodore Jacobson. Source Advertiser Democrat 25 Oct 1979 Edition P. 10 1st column.

Now is the problem. Who that Annie Massey is. Never heard of her. But must be very close.

Karen Norwillo
11-04-05, 23:21
Kaj, On the 1920 and 1930 census, I found Onni and Annie Salonen on Water Street in Norway, Oxford, Maine. Both born Finland, emigrated abt 1905. On the 1920 census is son Theodor, age 15. Strangely, Onni is listed twice on the 1930 census, once on Water St as a 42 year old laborer of odd jobs, and then again with Anies?spelling, as servants in the home of a Charles A Stephens. Thedore L Salonen shows in the Maine Death Index, died 11 June 1963, age 57, Norway, Maine. There is also an Impi S Salonen, born abt 1916 in Maine, listed as a servant, private residence, age 14, parents born Finland, 1930 census for S. Paris, Oxford, Maine. Karen

14-04-05, 00:44
I rechecked both Finnish churches and did not find our Lena. I checked page by page looking for Lappfjärd born people.