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June Pelo
05-04-05, 20:55
Does anyone know about Margreta Hansdotter Rif who was known as Halt-Margreta who was accused of witchcraft in Pedersöre in 1689 and burned at the stake? She was related to me as a 1st cousin 8 times removed. I think she had tried to start a Baptist church at one time.


06-04-05, 10:02
Was there a Baptist curch in the 17th century?


06-04-05, 14:04
Maybe in "Pedersöre storsockens historia"? I haven't checked, but I think that there is something written about it there.

I noticed that Hasse Nygård has her in his database.

Kaj Granlund
06-04-05, 21:29
to Sune.
the first "free church" was established in Esse by the lutheran pastor Achrenius about 1740. this congregation lasted for some 20 years. So there was no baptist church in the 1700th century in Finland.
Maybe my memory is bad but I think there was something many years ago published about her by the genealogists here. Wasn't it???

June Pelo
06-04-05, 22:27
I found a brief mention of her in Släkt och Bygd Nr. 28, IX by Inex Kass. There it mentions a Carin Hansdotter in 1674 who was shown as wife of Hans Påhlsson Storm, farmer at Lunabba in Lepplax. They had 3 children, one of whom was Margreta Hansdotter, listed in 1674 Census as Margreta at Lunabba. At Wäll 1681-83. Called Halt-Margreta.

She was accused of intercourse with the devil. Beata Pehrsdotter said she heard that Halt Margreta took young Maria Abbor of Lepplax to Blakulla (hell). She was summoned to court and refused to go. Witnesses related that she had previously been suspected of witchcraft. The judge found the accusations so weak that she was spared and freed. Nothing more was found in the communion book. I was hoping that someone would have more information about her. I don't have a copy of the Pedersöre parish history, referred to by C. Dahlin.