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06-04-05, 16:46
Here is perhaps the best map I have seen over the US:

Click here! (http://maps.google.com/)

If this is not enough, click the "Satellite" link in the right corner - and you will get the same view as seen from the space...

Have Fun


06-04-05, 17:35
Thanks Hasse, this is absolutely wonderful! You can actually see the houses in the satellite view in some regions, f.ex. the Rockport/Gloucester area in MA.

June Pelo
06-04-05, 22:13
You can see the outlines of the countries lit up at night:



28-04-05, 22:22
Here's my son's place a few miles southwest of Denver:)

edit: oops, it's the farthest to the top of the pictue:)

09-05-05, 06:36
This is my bike route from home going north on 37th street.

This is part 1 of 4.


09-05-05, 06:38
past the ball diamond and crossing 14th Avenue and then left on 38th Street.

now if I didn't stop at the bottom of the hill and continued across the Mississippi River, I would end up in Iowa which is due north of this place. Yes, Iowa is north of Illinois and the Mississippi River goes east and west.


09-05-05, 06:41
continuing on 38th street and at the level of the tennis courts (right side of the street), the street begins it's downward inclination towards the Mississippi River. But I turn left on the auto road onto the campus which leads to the visitor center and the planetarium.


09-05-05, 06:54
now I have moved onto the campus sidewalk and I move along past new buildings to the left of my route - the library which is at the entrance to the slough, then Olin Hall, then the science hall and finally Denkmann Hall which houses Swenson where all of those wonderful films of Swedish churches are to be found.

Thanks for the maps website Hasse.
And yeah, this is the last of my somewhat off topic postings.