View Full Version : Anders V. Jansson (Johnson) Entry to America

Elsie Carpenter
06-04-05, 17:34
I wish I had other paperwork of Anders, but I don't.

Thank you for the census record information. What site did you use to find this? I've just begun and am not aware of all the resources to use, and I've never used census record.

I'm finding the name changing particularly confusing. Sometimes I think my ancestors didn't want to be found!

Thanks for your efforts!


06-04-05, 20:40
Hi Elsie,
I got the census image from Ancestry.com. It's a paid subscription; however, there are some other alternates available. Most states (if not all) have a genweb program and oftentimes the census records are available there. When I run across a new state, I'll enter into Google.com the state name & "genweb" to find the site. Then I'll see what resources are available.

Another site I've used is www.census-online.com

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