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07-04-05, 21:52
Beverly Huchala, a volunteer at SFHS offices in Seattle, is interested in more details about one MARGRETA HANSDOTTER RIJF, born in Lepplax. In 1689, she was accused of witchcraft, and threatened with having her head cut off. However, the case was eventually set aside up her swearing oaths that she had never carried a child off to the devil's meeting ground, and her brothers were made "parole officers" in 1690. Their names were Sigfrid Hansson in Purmo, her sister's husband Hans Påhlsson in Lepplax and her brother's wife Dordi Nilsdotter in Kalajoki.

Beverly will await your replies.

June Pelo
07-04-05, 22:04

Beverly had also asked me about this and I posted a query a few days ago. So far no one has been able to add anything new - except that there may be something about it in the Pedersöre Socken Historia - which I don't have. Perhaps SFHS has a copy in their library? I found a mention of it in Släkt och Bygd #28, which SFHS probably has, also.


Jaska Sarell
07-04-05, 22:56
Attaching what Pedersöre storsockens historia, p. 626-627 has about the case of Halt-Margeta.

:) Jaska

09-04-05, 06:53
Thanks, June and Jaska,
This is more specific information than the original typewritten material which Beverly had from Finland. We think the story might make an interesting article for the SFHS Quarterly. Are there any descendents of the Rijf family on Finlander, who have information about her destiny, or descendents? Beverly knows Margreta is part of one of her family branches.

09-04-05, 13:55
I have Rif in my family:

Johan Eriksson Rif
b. 1707, Pedersöre
d. 18 Oct 1773, Pedersöre
m. 22 Jun 1729

Erik Johansson Rif
b. 3 Aug 1744, Pedersöre
d. 23 Jun 1817, Pedersöre
m. 11 Oct 1766, Pedersöre

Mats Ericsson Rijf
b. 26 Feb 1773, Pedersöre
d. 3 Jun 1821, Pedersöre
m. 9 Feb 1798, Pedersöre

Henric Gustaf Mattsson Rif Kristola
b. 11 Jan 1805, Pedersöre
d. 24 Aug 1876, Pedersöre
m. 4 Jun 1826, Pedersöre

Greta Lisa Henr. Gustafsdotter Kristola
b. 14 Mar 1844, Pedersöre
d. 3 Dec 1920, Pedersöre

Rosa Charlotta Nyström (my paternal grandmother)
b. 3 May 1882, Pedersöre
d. 8 Mar 1958, Jakobstad

How Margaretha Hansdotter fits in I don’t know. I haven’t dug so much into the Rijf line yet. According to my late father the church builder Jacob Rijf (1753-1808) is of the same family.

He built curches in Larsmo, Ylikiiminki, Himanka. Lehtimäki, Kortesjärvi and planned the conversion of the Pedersöre church from it’s original medieval shape to a Gustavian cross shaped church as it is still today.

There are probably other Rif descendants in Finlander as well


June Pelo
09-04-05, 19:19

Johan Eriksson Rif, 1707-1773, was my 5th great grandfather. I calculated that your grandmother Rosa and I are third cousins once removed through Erik Johansson Rif.

I have heard about Jakob Rijf and have tried to find more data about him to see if and how he links to my ancestry, but I haven't found his genealogy. Släkt och Bygd #16 and 33 have a lot of Rif data, but not about Jakob.

As for Margeta Hansdotter, I don't think she was related to Jakob - at least, according to what I read in S&B 28. Beverly was a first cousin 8 times removed to Halt Margeta.

Does anyone know where data about Jakob Rijf can be found? Verna Peltola, who works at Jakobstadsnejdens släkt-och bygdeforskare in Jakobstad, is a Finlander member. If someone could contact her, she might be able to find more data.


June Pelo
09-04-05, 19:30
I just ran across this about the Rijf family - haven't had a chance to study it, but it looks very interesting. It mentions that Jakob Rijf's father Thomas was also a church builder:



June Pelo
09-04-05, 21:52
Here's the Rijf genealogy:


The previous URL didn't include everything. Looks like descendants are named Ahlnäs.


11-04-05, 13:22

Mr Guy Björklund at the museum of Jakobstad told me that the last time someone was accused of witchcraft in Pedersöre was in 1720. There has been several cases before that in our dark history.

Mrs Ines Kass wrote a document about Margareta Hansdotter Rijf in Släkt & Bygd. The other document was in "Pedersöre Storsockens historia". Maybe there is more documents about these happenings?

A good story after Easter?

Christian Dahlin, living on a street called "Jakob Rijfsgränd" in Pedersöre!!!

11-04-05, 14:29
Originally posted by June Pelo
I calculated that your grandmother Rosa and I are third cousins once removed through Erik Johansson Rif.

So, we are related om my father's side by Rif and on my mother's side by Anders Palm.

This confirms my theory that all Ostrobotnians that are alive today are related.

We should arrange a gathering as soon as we find a hall big enough:D


11-04-05, 14:58
Not only Ostrobothnians!

I've noticed that not only Ostrobothnians, but almost everyone in USA is somehow related to Ostrobothnia...

11-04-05, 15:47
Most of the emigrants from Finland to America were from Ostrobothnia. My definition of "Ostrobothnian" includes therfore June, Syrene, Don, Kevin, et.c, et.c. I.e. a great deal of the Finlander members.

I consider myself still an Ostrobothnian though I "emigrated" to southern Finland with my parents over 50 years ago.


June Pelo
11-04-05, 22:47

You mentioned that we were related to Rif on your father's side and to Anders Palm on your mother's side. Are you referring to Anders Arvid Andersson Palm, 1858-1927? He was married to my father's moster, Maria Johanna Eriksdotter Lågland. How does your mother link to Palm? I have a nice old photo of Maria and her sister, my grandmother, if you'd like to see it.


12-04-05, 10:16
No June, I referred to Anders Palm b 31 March 1756 in Lappo d. 1 October 1801 in Gamlakarleby, married to Susanna Henriksdotter.

Just now I am at my jobsite, so I haven't the the data easily at hand, I will give the whole descendancy when I have the opportunity.

I mentioned him because I recollect that you wrote about him some time last year. It could be that I remember wrongly or that I have misunderstood you.


12-04-05, 20:27
Hi June

Here is what I have on the Anders Palm i meant in my previous post:

Henrik Sillanpää

Anders Henriksson Sillanpää
b. 30 Nov 1720
& Susanna Bertilsdotter
b. 28 Feb 1719
m. 4 Nov 1745, Alavo

Anders Palm
b. 31 Mar 1756, Lappo
d. 1 Oct 1801, Gamlakarleby
& Susanna Henriksdotter
b. 4 Oct 1777, Alavo
d. 9 Oct , Nykarleby
m. 6 Jan 1777, Lappo

Henrik Andersson Backa (Palmqvist)
b. 22 Jun 1785, Lappo
d. 24 Feb 1862, Purmo
& Elisabet Johansdotter Svarvar
b. 15 Feb 1789, Purmo
d. 2 Jan 1839, Purmo
m. 25 Nov 1821, Purmo

Anders Backlund
b. 10 May 1822, Purmo
d. 12 Aug 1861, Under sjöresa
& Johanna Christina Vikman
b. 21 Jul 1826, Jakobstad
d. 10 Dec 1903, Jakobstad
m. 30 Jun 1850, Jakobstad

Karl Edvard Alfred Backlund
b. 1 Feb 1857, Jakobstad
d. 18 Feb 1936, Jakobstad
& Lovisa Evelina Kecklund
b. 1 Aug 1860, Jakobstad
d. 1944, Jakobstad
m. 28 Mar 1884, Jakobstad

Lennart Anders Backlund (my maternal grandfather)
b. 14 Jul 1892, Jakobstad
d. Sep 1951
& Aina Amanda (Mandi) (Pikku)Kangas
b. 31 May 1890, Toholampi
d. 22 Feb 1980, Jakobstad

Anders Palm was a soldier, that is probably why he carried the Palm name instead of his fathers farm name Sillanpää.


12-04-05, 23:26
In my family tree I have "vävskedmakaren Anders Palm" who married Anna Skruf 31 Aug 1817. I have no further information about this couple. Anna was born 17 Jun 1786 and her parents were:

Johan Jonasson Skruf, b. 16 Jul 1739, d. 22 May 1820
Margareta Henriksdotter Östensö, b. 26 May 1752, d. 29 May 1790

June Pelo
13-04-05, 00:24

I have them in my database, but nothing more about Anders Palm. They had 2 children: Maria Lovisa, b. 1818 at Klubb farm; and Carl Fredrik, b. 1822 at Katternö. The Skruf family is included in the Caino-Torp book.

I calculated that I am related to both Jonas Johansson Skruf and also to his wife Margareta Henriksdotter Hanstén-Östensö. I couldn't find any more data about Anders Palm.


13-04-05, 08:41
Jonas Johansson Skruf was the grandfather of Henrik Gustaf Johansson who bought a farm in Dalabäck from your ancestors Tarvonen. I am trying to fill in this family tree at the moment and the only missing parts are some families in Astoria and Wisconsin.