View Full Version : Swedish handwriting from 1626

June Pelo
08-04-05, 21:50
This is a document from 1626 written in Swedish that pertains to something about my mother's father's family - Warg. It's the last paragraph - and I really don't expect anyone to be able to read it. But I had difficulty finding even one recognizable word..


09-04-05, 09:50
June, is it Jacob or Margareta you are interested in?

Alf Blomqvist
09-04-05, 11:38
Maybe it's easier to read a negative?

09-04-05, 16:54
Anyway, here comes Margareta. The last part.

Dömdes Margeta Mårtensdotter i Öfueruetell att bekomma af sijn
swärfadher Henrich Perzon ett sölfstoop hwilket hennes s. man hadhe bekom-
mit af sijn brodher för dhz han drogh för honom uthi konungens tienest.

Something like
The court decided that MM of Övervetil shall get from her father-in-law HP a silver goblet which her deceased husband had got from his brother for taking his (the brothr´s) part in the king´s service. (Army?)


June Pelo
09-04-05, 18:52
Thanks, Torbjörn. I assume Henrich Perzon is Henrik Persson Warg who had a son Joseph Henriksson Warg, b. 1592. I don't know his wife's name, but it could have been Margeta Mårtensdotter. They had 5 sons, according to data I've received from some genealogists. I don't know who Jacob is. Does he have any connection to the paragraph you translated?

Alf, thanks for adding the negative. Very interesting.