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June Pelo
11-04-05, 00:52
I noted a new member named E. Sibelius. Any link to Jean Sibelius??


12-04-05, 03:52
My father told me I was distantly related to Jean. He came here from Lapptrask, Finland as a boy. In doing people searches for Sibelius maybe a dozen of us. here are a lot more Sebelius including the governor of Kansas. Most of the Sibelius are from my father Arthur and his cousin Walter.

Jaska Sarell
12-04-05, 10:18
Site http://www.sibelius.fi/ has also a bit of Jean Sibelius' family background, available in Swedish (http://www.sibelius.fi/svenska/suku_perhe/suku_sibelius.htm) or Finnish (http://www.sibelius.fi/suomi/suku_perhe/suku_sibelius.htm)
Composer's father Christian Gustaf Sibelius' brothers were unmarried, but grand uncle Gustav Johansson (1790-1836) is said to have descendants using Sibelius surname.

:) Jaska