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Alf Blomqvist
11-04-05, 19:02
Could someone confirm death place for following person:

Maria Johansdotter Nessler born 23 May 1884 in Kronoby on Riska, dead 30 November 1931 in Ludington, MI?, USA.

Married 24 June 1908 in USA? to Anders Eliasson Nessler (Perälä/Näse) born 13 August 1865 in Kronoby on Näse, dead 20 June 1924 in Howell, MI, USA

Alice Finnerty
11-04-05, 21:27
wow Alf...Ludington is a hop - skip and a jump from me. I will call that county and see what they have. My oldest sister lives in Livingston County where Howell is located. I'll ask her to check the county records while she is at work.

Alice Finnerty
11-04-05, 23:48
Sorry Alf...no records found for Maria Johansdotter Nessler in Mason County - Ludington Michigan. I just call the county clerk and she looked from 1925 -1940. If she died in another county was wa buried in Ludington the death record would be recorded in the county of death. If you know of the cemetery name she is buried in I would be glad to check with that area.
I gave information for Anders to my sister and she is checking for you in Howell.

Alice Finnerty
12-04-05, 05:21
Anders death is recorded in Livingston County - Marion Township (with no middle name) His name was spelled wrong (Nellser)
recorded as born August 13, 1865 in Finland and Died June 30, 1924.

Alf Blomqvist
12-04-05, 13:24
Thank you Alice for the information!

Hopefully I'll also get information about Maria.

Karen Norwillo
12-04-05, 22:22
I found a Marie Nessler in the 1930 census for Ludington, Mason, MI living at 316 Ferry St. She is a 45 y.o. widow, born Finland. Also at home, Doris, age 20, daughter, born Finland and Rolf, son, age 15, born MI. Karen

Karen Norwillo
12-04-05, 23:05
I also found Anders Nessler in Emigrant Register, age 44, Helsinki to Boston, 28 Sep 1910 SS Titania, 4Oct 1910 SS Zeeland. On the Boston Passenger Lists 1891-1943, he is listed. Anders Nessler, born 1865 Kronoby, Finland, age 45, arrived Boston 12 Oct 1910, married, carpenter, destination Ludington, MI. I could not find Maria's arrival. 1930 census says she and Doris came in 1911. Karen

13-04-05, 00:01
Both funerals were conducted at Emanuel Lutheran Church in Ludington, MI.
Maria is listed as a member but I could not find her on the lists. Marriage records begin as of 1909 - they are not shown.
Reception of members list began 1908 but I could not find Maria.


June Pelo
13-04-05, 00:32
If Finlander was in effect 10 years ago, and this query came in I might have been able to help - I had relatives who lived in Ludington all their lives and knew just about everyone, especially the members of Emanuel Lutheran Church.


Karen Norwillo
13-04-05, 17:45
Success, I found Maria and Doris emigration in the Boston Passenger Lists. The index has it spelled Cassler, but when I looked at the manifest, it's Nässler. They arrived 21 June 1911, destination Ludington, MI. Maria was 27, born 1884, Doris was 1, born 1910 Kronoby, Finland. They were with a Karl Johan ?Feldan, 48 year old carpenter, born 1893 Jakobstad. All going to Anders Nassler. Karen

Alf Blomqvist
14-04-05, 22:34
Thank you for the information!

Do you find any other information re. the children:

Doris Nessler born 30 September 1909 in Kronoby, Finland? (1910?), dead 18 June 1931 in Ludington, MI also befor her mother 30 November 1931 - maybe they had the same cause of death - pulmonary consumption?

Rolf* Johannes Nessler born 23 May 1914 in ?, MI?, dead 25 August 1958 in Ohio, Nebraska

Did they have families?

15-04-05, 01:15
I found Doris a few lines above that of Maria.
date of death 6-19-31, no age data given and listed as a member. Perhaps so because I concentrated on finding Maria and Andrew.

As to "Rolf* Johannes Nessler born 23 May 1914 in ?, MI?, dead 25 August 1958 in Ohio, Nebraska"

My atlases do not show such a town in Nebraska but I do see Ohios in the following states: Colorado, Illinois, and Missouri BUT Nebraska does have a place called Ohiowa which had a population of about 250 in 1950 so maybe that is your reference? Or perhaps you were refering to his death in perhaps Ohio (the state) or Nebraska (the state)


15-04-05, 04:29
Hi Alf,
Thought you might like the image from the 1930 census that Karen mentioned above. I'll add that the year of immigration is listed as 1911.

1930 is the last available census for another 7 years or so. Other records would need to be checked for additional information on them. Maybe Chuck will find them in the church records somewhere.

15-04-05, 04:37
Just re-read Karen's messages. Didn't see the immigration year mentioned. ;)

Just checked the 1920 census and couldn't find the family. The closest I could find was an Alexander Nessler b.~1863 in Finland living in California.

16-04-05, 00:28
I found the list with Rolf and parents Andrew and Maria with sponsors being two ppl with Näs surname.
Unfortunately I packaged it with another sending so I can't tell you what it is at the moment, just to say I have got to organize myself a bit better if I will be taking 3 family names to Swenson. I can go back to Swenson and get another copy next week:)

edit: I also checked this place in the county where Ohiowa Nebraska is located but did not find Rolf:


17-04-05, 05:04
OK, family Näs were sponsors to the baptism of Rolf.

They are:
Anders Viktor Näs, born Kronoby 12-15-1883, received here 1910, arr from Finland 1903, moved to Flint 1917
wife: Lydia (m.i. unclear) Molander, born Gamlakarleby 10-10-1884, arr from Finland 1905

There is more about children, etc, and some is difficult to decipher.


LoriAnn Pawlik
18-04-05, 17:26
1920 US Census
Ludington, Mason, Michigan
2 June 1920
Address: 316 N. Ferry
*Andrew, head, age 54, Immigration 1910, Alien, Finland, Swedish
*Maria, wife, age 35, Immigration 1911, Alien, Finland, Swedish
*Doris M., Daughter, age 10, Immigration 1911, Alien, Finland, Swedish
*Ralph J., son, age 5, did not attend school in the last year, born Michigan
This family owns their home (owned free - not mortgaged), they are able to read and write, cannot speak English. Andrew is a carpenter - it appears to be a house carpenter but the image is blurry here.

Looking for family, I found the family buried together at Lakeview Cemetery, Mason County, Michigan:
Nessler, Andrew, d. 30.6.1924
Nassler, Marie, d. 30.11.1931, age 47
Nassler, Doris, d. 19.6.1931, age 21
Nassler, Rolf, d. 25.8.1958, buried 28.8.1958, age 44

It is possible that Rolf had some descendants. If you write to the Cemetery itself, you may be able to find some records or perhaps someone lives close enough to go check for you.

Just other information - Ludington, MI was known for its fleet of car ferries. Interesting that this family lived on "Ferry Street" in the 1920s. There are also some pictures you can see at:

Have a great day,
Lori Pawlik :)

01-05-05, 11:55
Hej Alf !
I just have a thougt that the person who arrived with Maria and Doris could was Karl Johan Peldan from Jakobstad.
Good luck with your researches.

Alf Blomqvist
01-05-05, 13:53
Hi/hej Bert!

Har du mer uppgifter om Karl Johan Peldan?

Do you have more info re. Karl Johan Peldan?

Alice Finnerty
03-05-05, 20:50
I called the MDCH * 517-373-3740
Michigan Department of Community Health
I reached Mary Grecko 517-373-3772 who the in the archive department. I about checking archive records on the state hospital - unfortunately you have to go through probate court to have a archive or file opened. She also told me that most files are destroyed 20 years after deceased or discharged.
Alf, my sister said she would do some checking in cemeteries for
for Nessler. On our things to do list:)

03-05-05, 22:56
Hi Alf,

The Nessler family arrived too late for the 1910 census but I found Andrew Nas living in Ludington.

June Pelo
05-05-05, 00:58
The name Andrew Nas from Ludington caught my eye. My grandparents knew an Andrew Nase family in Ludington - they moved to Flint, Michigan and my father boarded with them briefly when he went to Flint to look for a job after World War I.