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14-04-05, 00:38
S 169, ME, Monson, Zion Lutheran
p17, Andrew Jakobson, b. Jun 4 1851 at Mårsala Sv? this is not a listed Swedish parish. Andrew was confirmed in Finland and emigrated from Finland in 1877.
w. Anna Jakobson, b. Aug 9 1854 at Munsalaby, Finland. Also confirmed Finland and emigrated 1906.
p86, Viktor Svensson, b. Sep 6 1868 at Korsbäck Finland. Emigrated from Lappfjärd Finland in 1890. Flyttad Bangor ME. Received here in 1892.
p89, Hilda Emelia Sjöblom, b. Jan 21 1877 at Föglö Finland. Emigrated 1901.
S 100, ME, Portland, Immanuel Lutheran
p1 w. Ida Johanna Franzén, f. Johnson, b. Jan 9 1883 at Vasa län Finland, emigrated 1903.
p2, w. Lina Josephina Haglund, b. Nov 18 1877 at Näspes(Närpes?) Finland, received 1901, married Aug 17 1899, died Mar 29 1942.
p4, Gustaf Adolf Nyström, b. Sep 26 1863 at Vasa Finland, emigrated 1878, arrived here from NY 1888, died 1941.
p6, Erik Isak Abrahamson, b. Feb 2 1870 at Mostesare fors VL (Mustasaari?), emigrated 1889, married May 28 1897.
p12, Karl Victor Hermanson, b. Mar 23 1897 at Bjornborg, Finland, emigrated 1910, married Dec 2 1922, dropped Jan 1930.
p21, Fredrick Raphael Mackie, b. Aug 24 1898 at Abo Finland, emigrated 1919, arrived here 1924.
w. Helen Mackie, b. Apr 11 1896 at Abo Finland, arrived here 1913. married Apr 16 1929.
The 5 other Swedish language churches did not list any Finnish born people.

There! All the Finnish born in Maine!
I did not check marital records or funeral lists because most often birthplaces are not listed, just last residence.


Kaj Granlund
16-04-05, 12:18
Andrew Jacobsson Mårsala (i suggest that is Munsala a his wife)
Lina Josefina Haglund is Närpes
Erik Isak abrahamsson is Mustasaari or korsholm as it is called in swedish today.
Karl Viktor Hermanssn is the citu of Björenborg or Pori in Finnish

16-04-05, 18:51
The parish name of Munsala and Finland was quite clear for the woman while the man had this strange parish with "Sv" in the column following. The woman had "Finl" in the column following.

A mini-mystery as to why that was done:)


Ingemar Ekman
24-04-05, 19:18
Hilda Emelina Sjöblom, b. Jan 27, 1877 in Sanda, Föglö. It seems that also her 6 years old daughter Anna Karolina emigrated together 1901. Hilda Emelina returned back to Föglö before 1912 and then moved to Sweden and was married Holmström and died 1928. Also the daughter Anna Karolina returned and was married Tyskars from Kimito.