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14-04-05, 02:21
Well, close to it anyway. I'm living in South Dakota, but am a native Yooper (Michigan's Upper Peninsula). I have two grandparents that emigrated to the UP from Swedish speaking parishes in Finland that I'm doing research on - Falin from Oravais and Sten (Stone) from Malax. I've been at it for about 3 months, and have learned quite a bit about the Sten family from research at the local LDS center. I've traced back through marriages including the Dala, Nyman, Holm, Herrgård, and Bånn families, all in Malax. Unfortunately, I have learned very little about the Falin family as the Oravais microfilm records don't go past 1882, and I need 1884-1905 data. I sent an e-mail to the Oravais parish church secretary about 3 weeks ago asking how to request research, but haven't received a reply yet. If any of you have any tips on how to proceed, I'd appreciate them.

Here's my grandfather who I'm looking to confirm:
Oskar Lennart Falin b. 16 Nov 1884
Parents (I believe): Isak Johansson Kyhr/Jacobs/Falin (depending on year) & Anna Lisa Johansdotter

I have all his data from his emigration to the US in 1905 and his life here; I am looking to confirm his parent's names and those of his siblings, some of whom are Johannes (known), and I think Karl Edvard, Erik Reinhold, Viktor, Alfred, and one sister.

Thanks for any leads.

14-04-05, 03:57
found at: Swenson S 21-6 = Gogebic Co, Ironwood, Grace Lutheran
Pos Given Names Surname Other names Born Parish Emi. Church

20h John Falin Sep 16 1874 Oravais 1900 S 21-6
20w Maria Dec 20 1871 Vörå 1906 S 21-6

found at: Swenson 230 = Houghton County, Hancock, Salem Lutheran
112u Alfred Sten Aug 2 1884 Mustasaari Korsholm 1907 230

found at: Swenson 231 = Houghton County, Dollar Bay, First Lutheran
5h Johannes Mickelson Sten Sep 30 1867 Replot 1893 231
30w Adelina Elvira Engman Sten May 24 1892 Mustasaari Korsholm unk 231
24w Edla Sofia Stone f. Holm not given Mustasaari Korsholm unk 231
31w Ellen Irene Nivela Stone Aug 18 1895 Mustasaari Korsholm 1905 231

found at: Swenson 232 = Baraga County, Baraga Zion Lutheran
37u Carl Oscar Sten Mar 18 1894 Korsnäs 1920 232

found at: Swenson S 22 = Gogebic Co, Bessemer, Saron Lutheran
b60w Hilda Maria Sten Aug 13 1880 Malax unk S 22
b65u Edward Sten Oct 19 1891 Malax unk S 22
b66u Hugo Alexander Sten Mar 7 1893 Maxmo unk S 22

found at: Swenson S 27-3 = Iron Co, Crystal Falls, Finnish Lutheran (merged with Swedish to form United Lutheran)
b79mh Edward Herrgård age 24 when md, Jun 24 1904 Finland unk S 27-3
b79mw Annie Back age 19, ditto Finland unk S 27-3
The above is from Rev. Hoikka's entry in the marriage book. I had to be creative so I put age of each when married in a column followed by date of the wedding.:)

Hi and welcome to sfhs!
Perhaps some of these people are yours. Sometimes parish names will not be correct which is why I added non-Oravais & Malax places. I did not find Dala or Bånn and the others are too commonplace on the dbase to try for.
If you go to the top of the sfhs website page, you will find "Delphi" article collection. When you get there, type into the search box this: granskare - you will reach my listing and you will see the lists for each county of the UP so you can check on ppl at your leisure. If anybody fits you, add to this thread and this former Marquette County boy will hit the Swenson Swedish center and get you some more data which may help you bridge the gap to Finland.
Chuck Maki

14-04-05, 04:14
Hi Jim and welcome to Finlander Forum from another former Yooper (Marquette/Ironwood).

Have you checked the Family History Center for microfiche records? When researching my family the latter 1800 records were captured on fiche rather than film. Just a thought.

You also asked about contacting the parish. I've been fairly lucky with my requests. One took less than a week and the other a couple of weeks. I've heard of others taking 6 months to a year. All advice I've seen is to be patient.

Good luck with your search!

14-04-05, 06:43
Chuck & Kevin - thanks for your replies!

Chuck, the info you provided has two hits:

John Falin from Grace Lutheran in Ironwood is my great uncle. I can confirm that he was born on that date and came to the US in 1900, but I didn't know when his wife Maria came so that is new info.

Hilda Sten from Sharon Lutheran in Bessemer is my grandmother. I have been looking for her exact birthdate, so thanks for that - except she was born in 1890, not 1880. Edward and Hugo are her brothers. What is the date of that church listing? Their parents Herman and Katherine Sten should have been members there too.

I will look at the Delphi collection you mentioned to see what else I can find. My grandfather Oskar Falin was also a member of Sharon Lutheran, but probably not until about 1915 or so. In 1909 Oskar Falin & Hilda Sten were married in Ironwood by Pastor J. William Johnson, but I do not know the church name.

Kevin, the LDS computer listing for Oravais records only goes to 1882, but I will check with them again the next time I go there. Thanks for the tip.

I really appreciate your help!

Margaret Rader
14-04-05, 06:45
Hi Jim,

I have the following in my family tree:

Descendants of BENGT Andersson Sten

1 BENGT Andersson Sten 1722 - 1793 b: 1722 in Polaks, Laihela d: May 04, 1793 in Malax, Finland
. +Elizabeth Johansdr. Sten 1730 - 1746/47 b: November 15, 1730 in Malax d: February 28, 1746/47 in Malax
*2nd Wife of BENGT Andersson Sten:
. +Elizabeth Jonasdr. Lind-Smeds 1725 - 1811 b: October 19, 1725 in Malax, Finland d: May 17, 1811 in Malax, Finland
..... 2 ANDERS Bengtsson Sten-Granholm 1750 - 1850 b: September 06, 1750 in Malax, Finland d: January 05, 1850 in Malax
......... +Caisa Jacobsdotter Bonn 1751 - 1842 b: July 25, 1751 in Malax d: May 06, 1842 in Malax
..... 2 Johan Bengtsson Sten 1751 - 1831 b: May 04, 1751 in Malax, Finland d: March 06, 1831 in Övermalax, Malax
......... +Maria Johansdr. 1766 - 1836 b: January 06, 1766 d: December 30, 1836 in Malax
..... 2 Abraham Bengtsson Sten-Orre 1759 - b: November 06, 1759 in Ö-Malax
......... +Brita Jonasdotter Orre 1760 - 1801 b: December 26, 1760 in Y-Malax d: November 11, 1801
..... 2 Lisa Bengtsdr. Sten 1770 - b: September 01, 1770 in Malax, Finland
..... 2 Maria Bengtsdr. Sten 1771 - b: October 15, 1771 in Malax, Finland
..... 2 Jonas Bengtsson Sten Unknown - Unknown b: Unknown d: Unknown in "Död som liten"

Any connection to your Sten family?

Margaret Holm Rader

14-04-05, 07:21
Hi Margaret,

I haven't gotten back that far to overlap with your timeframe. Here's as far as I have made it:

Johan Johansson Sten b: Unknown, probably 1774 or 1775
+Beata Jonasdotter Ström of Öfverby b:13 Dec 1775

Might tie in with your Johan Bengtsson Sten b:1751, but at this point I don't know.

Thanks for sharing your info. I'm having a hard time finding my Johan's records (so far can't find marriage or birth), but if I find out any more I'll let you know.

I see Holm in your name - any connection to Malax there? My great-grandmother was a Holm from Malax.


14-04-05, 16:31

I checked your church listings. Woohoo! A bonus, something I never expected to find - info on another set of great-grandparents! These are the ones I knew the most about when I started my research, and learned the least about - until now.

Sharon Lutheran - Bessemer
Sundquist, Eric b: 22 Jan 1862 p:Esse e:1888
Sundquist, Johanna b: 30 Oct 1864, p:Esse e:1893
(Her name is Johanna Mattsdotter, father Matts Mattsson)

I don't know exactly what records are available at the Swenson Center, but anything you can find on Falin from Oravais or Sundquist from Esse is likely something I don't have. The Sten family I have documented 3 generations back so far.

Thanks again for the leads!

14-04-05, 19:11
I am glad the delphi list was useful:)

I will find and make fotocopies for you of the Sundquist/Sten families at Sharon/Saron in Bessemer,
John Falin family at Grace in Ironwood, and look for Oskar -
If a person didn't have a birth parish or country listed, I could not put them onto the dbase so I will look for those you listed in addition to these above.

Margaret Rader
14-04-05, 19:26
Jim, I'd be glad to send you this whole line and we'll see if we can make a connection.
I think some of this family is in the Talko database also.
My ancestors in Malax and Petalax went by Granholm, and my grandfather changed this to Holm when he got to the US, so we probably don't connect through your Holm.
I'll send you a private message with Sten info.