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14-04-05, 03:32
Hi, I just joined this forum and you can see my family research info (Falin & Sten families) in the new members area.

I sent an e-mail (in Swedish & English) to the Oravais parish church secretary about 3 weeks ago asking about the procedure for requesting information from church records not on microfilm (1882-1905 time frame), but have not received a response. Any tips on how to proceed?


14-04-05, 07:06
Maybe I can help.
Whom are you looking for?

14-04-05, 07:54
Hi Torbjörn

Here's my grandfather who I'm looking to confirm:
Oskar Lennart Falin b. 16 Nov 1884, Oravais parish

I have all his data starting with his emigration to the US in 1905 and his life here. What I would like to confirm is his parents were Isak Johansson Kyhr/Jacobs/Falin or Fallin (depending on year) & Anna Lisa Johansdotter, and if possible that his siblings were Johannes 1874 (I know he had a brother John who also emigrated), and I think Karl Edvard 1876, Erik Reinhold 1879, Viktor 1882, Alfred ?, and one sister?.

Thanks for your reply!

14-04-05, 18:10
Isak Johansson Jakobs (Fallin) and his wife Anna Lisa had the following children:
Johannes 1874
Karl Edvard 1876 dead 1883
Erik Reinhold 1879
Viktor 1882 dead 1882
Isak Alfred 1883 dead 1883
Gabriel Alfred 1887
Anna Mathilda 1890
Viktor 1893 dead 1893
Herman 1894 dead 1894

The whole family joined the baptist parish of Monå in 1896, so I can´t help you any further.

Oh, except Erik R went to Sweden in 1899.


15-04-05, 00:36
Thanks for the reply.

Alas, now I am really confused. I thought for sure I had the right family, as my great-uncle John Falin was born 16 Sep 1874 in Oravais, and his parents were Isak and Anna which my grandfather Oskar listed as his parent's names. But, my grandfather remained a Lutheran and emigrated from Oravais in 1905, so that part plus his name not being on your list doesn't fit, but everything else seemed to.

Do you have access to the church records in Oravais, or is this some personal data you have? Was there an Oscar born on 16 Nov 1884 with parents named Isak and Anna, and brothers John and Alfred?


15-04-05, 00:52
1. I will send you a pm asking for your mailing address so check out the "cp" area. We don't publish addresses online.

2. OK, now to the people:

a. I did not find Oscar as a member in Bessemer - I also checked Methodist and Covenant but didn't think to try the baptists. Probably he will not be there. I would say he likely attended but was not a joined member.
b. What you see for Hugo is all that the church records had on him.
c. I found a Hugo Leonard Falin at Sharon who died 4 17 1920 at age 10-0-19. A nonmember so I don't know if he's part of the families you are looking into.
d. I have a FC for Hilda and Edward.
e. FC for Oscar and Hilda Stone being married in Ironwood SALEM LUTHERAN by J.W. Johnson as you said.
f. John Falin FC are faint so I penciled in some dates that are hard to read. I could not find where he & Maria were married, only that it was in 1906. Maria came over in 06 so somewhere in America.
g. Two Ironwood born children listed, Maria Linnea Fahlin and Ellen Victoria Falin (Erickson). On the baptismal list, her parents are shown as Henry and Anna Erickson. I gained the Ironwood locale from baptismal and confirmation listings. John died in 1935.
h. Sundquist, Erik and Johanna with 4 kids listed, a set of twins came first:)
That's about it for these names.

15-04-05, 01:21
Chuck, I sent you an e-mail with my address.

Hugo Lenard Falin is my uncle, the son of Oscar Falin and Hilda Stone. I have conflicting dates for when he was born, so a church record would be nice. Great that you found out where they were married.

Thanks for the other info. Indeed, John's two daughters were adopted, and I knew Linnea but didn't know the other girl's name. I think John's wife Mary was related to the Ericksons.


15-04-05, 07:19
of course you have the right family.
Isak Johansson Fallin b 23.2.1851 and his wife Anna Lisa Johansdotter b 15.12.1849 had the children I listed in my previous message. Isak´s and Anna Lisa´s oldest son was Johannes, Johan, John or whatever, b 16.9.1874.
The family joined the Bapt church 12.4.1896.
The communion record for 1900-09:
Farm owned by the baptist Isak Fallin.

For some reason, however, the two oldest sons are listed in the church records. Maybe they came back to the Lutheran church??
Anyway, Johan b 1874 to America in 1900. The younger brother Erik Reinhold died 3.8.1901 in Oravais.

The Jakobs farm is in Kimo village.

Good luck with your further research

15-04-05, 17:55
Hi Torbjörn,

Thanks for your quick reply. I guess I got confused as you didn't include my grandfather Oskar in your children list (I realize now you were confirming the other children), and also by the Baptist part. I had never heard that about my grandfather's family. And yes, my great-uncle Johan emigrated in 1900, and when he died in 1935 his death notice said he had a brother and sister still living in Finland (obviously Gabriel Alfred and Anna Mathilda) so it all fits! Thank you for the birth dates for Isak and Anna Lisa, now I can continue my research on previous generations on the available LDS microfilms.

I really appreciate your help on this branch of my family tree!